Putting you first.

Before I start today’s post I’d like to say hope all of my American followers are having a rather enjoyable Labour weekend. Shame you couldn’t send some delicious food my way!!

Right to kick off today’s post with a quote:

“Caring about other people is a strength, caring about what other people think is a liability”- Anon.

And it is mind. My saying is be caring about the ones you love and carefree about the ones who don’t. Some may take offence at that however that is my opinion. It’s not being bitter it’s about stating the obvious.

I appreciate that your condition can be tedious at times and can cause more problems than what it’s worth however within you you’re a fighter not someone who should take anything lying down.

The purpose behind today’s quote is to make you see that putting yourself first isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This morning whilst reading my kindle I stumbled across the quote above and it got me thinking. People fall into this trap so many times questioning their own ability because they are focusing on what someone else thinks. I have to admit I was one of these people until a couple of years ago.

What is it with this particular trait? We sit there getting all flustered about people potentially gossiping behind our back that we lose all train of thought and panic beyond belief. Sometimes the thinking about what others think can potentially cause greater problems within friendships, relationships, business partnerships but most importantly your mental frame of mind.

Ask yourself why do we do it? Why do we care about what people think? Do we do it because we believe people care or does it stem down to something a lot deeper than that?

Lately my health hasn’t been testing my patience thus making me question me now compared to Saz three years ago.

The answer to that is this time three years ago I was preparing myself for the happiest day of my life and questioning how I had spent so much money on this grand old affair. I was also questioning where my condition would stand in the grand scheme of things and whether a seizure would make an appearance on my wedding day.

Looking back I was a person who was extremely vulnerable putting on some sort of façade to block out the shakes and the constant worry entering my mind about others. I would be sitting waiting for the next time the shit would hit the fan and to be honest it wasn’t healthy for all concerned.

I had a relatively good support network around me however there were occasions where I was tested with friendships and additional worry. The more I read what I’m writing the more I think to myself that this could have been prevented and if I’d only known then what I know now then I would have eliminated this doubt far sooner than what I did.

Life throws curveballs and unfortunately people can be rather malicious and childish. I’m an adult not a child.
My life doesn’t revolve around social networking and causing mayhem my life consists of surrounding myself with the people who love me and have a genuine interest in my welfare as I have theirs.

As far as I’m concerned negativity can be left at the back door because I’ve got bigger fish to fry. To be honest people like that bore me senseless. Focus on your own life instead of boring mine.

The people that know me are well aware that I couldn’t really harm anybody if I tried and that if I get myself annoyed it’s because someone has made a direct attack at either myself or the people I love. Nowadays I’m all about cutting to the chase and having a laugh. I would like to leave the strength I have for those happier days or the days where I’m feeling a little weaker than normal to pick myself up.

What I’ve deciphered over the years is that unfortunately condition or not you cannot please everybody all of the time. You can try your utmost to be someone you’re not however it only comes and bites you on the arse later on in life. Sometimes you have to use the strength you do have to put your foot down to others who cause this un-necessary aggravation so this can enable your free time to ne taken up on what you want from life.

Looking back it was all about eliminating my condition the only way I knew how and that was to do literally anything I could to block it out. Unfortunately this wasn’t the right decision to make as these worries would only resurface later on in life that would be far greater to accept. I must stress that doing what’s right for you is required not living your life on other people’s say so.

As for the remainder of the day.

Slim in 6 was completed in my new Primani (Primark for those who haven’t cottoned on) bottoms, family lunch and having one hell of a laugh at my husband who should be a comedian because he does the craziest things.

Like me I don’t think we have a brain cell between us hence the laughing out loud. If I’m not tripping over the cat he’s prancing about dancing stupidly around the living room floor. Between the pair of us we you can’t take us seriously.

I love my husband’s humour. In my opinion although I could throttle him at times he’s the person who is not only my best friend he’s the person who loves me for me and that’s why I think the world of him.

To conclude today’s post. Put your happiness first. If people don’t like the choices you make than that’s their problem not yours. Need I have to say anymore about putting you first? Haven’t I not said enough already? xx


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