Make each day count.

“Don’t just count the days, make the days count”- Muhammad Ali

I could sit and watch footage of Muhammad Ali every day and it still wouldn’t bore me. Not only is he the greatest boxer the world has ever known but the dedication in his eyes when he’s up against his opponent is second to none. His cheeky one liners grab your attention and the excellence that is the man himself is unprecedented.

Today’s quote is something whether you have Epilepsy or not that should mean something.

Making each day count is one of the philosophies I’d like to abide by even though some days I feel like jacking it all in and giving up.

I say this because the amount of people who’ve come to me this month saying “How quick has this year gone” is unbelievable. The years literally pass you by.

My interpretation of today’s quote is this.

Making each day count is something that unfortunately some of us fail to do me included. We go through life day in day out sticking to the same routine. Although routine can keep us focused sometimes shaking up the routine a bit can have an impact on your day without you even realising it.

Lately I’ve been extremely tired wanting each day to hurry up so I can go to bed and rest my eyes. The headaches haven’t been as frequent as they were a few weeks ago and fortunately the shakes have subsided for the time being.

Whilst reading what I’m writing I too have fallen to the “wishing your life away” train of thought hoping the weekend will be upon us and not actually enjoying the week I’ve just had.

Compared to others I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to I’ve been extremely fortunate that my seizures haven’t been as frequent however when they have occurred they’ve drained me, they’ve made me feel disappointed in myself and made me feel like I was back to square one.

I don’t know about you all however I’ve got into the habit of keeping a record of my seizures/shakes and monitoring them daily writing the symptoms in a notepad to identify possible trends.

As soon as I’ve got past the week mark without any shakes I feel extremely proud of what I’ve achieved and feel like I need to celebrate with a mini bar of chocolate or in my case at least two. You feel like you’re on a roll like your condition is getting better only to feel disheartened when they return.

I don’t know how many times I’ve fancied like shouting the words “For fucks sake” when they do make an appearance.

I hate the idea of being unwell because I feel like there’s insufficient hours in the day to begin with let alone having to take time out to rest. Although the F bomb has been shouted on numerous occasions I’m learning as I get older to accept that my condition is who I am therefore I have to try and carry on the best I can.

Since writing this blog I’ve noticed a pattern within us all. The disappointment of a fit is something that makes us feel agitated questioning why they’re occurring. I think what we all need to do is show our episodes however small they are a red card.

Unfortunately showing a red card doesn’t necessarily prevent the seizure from taking control however by placing that red card in front of ourselves may make us see that although they’ve arrived we won’t be defeated.

Like in a football match (soccer for my friends overseas) a red card may mean you miss a few games however doesn’t mean you’re out of action for the rest of the season. It just means that you’re telling yourself that you won’t be controlled, that you’ll have your rest time and resume when you’re ready to do so. Like a car you cannot drive without any fuel in the tank, the same applies with your body.

Life isn’t always about testing yourself. It’s about learning to be happy with who you are. It’s about knowing that time is of the essence, it’s times we should be spending time with each other, with loved ones and enjoying our own company.

As for the rest of the day..

My husband and I have been kitchen and bathroom shopping. We are contemplating doing out both rooms in the next few months and are in the process of gathering data, receiving quotes and sitting there wondering where the cats going to sleep- he currently sleeps on every unit in the kitchen. You all know I love our Benny.

The second thing is not the mess but where the hell am I going to wash my hair? I know you’re all probably thinking that should be the last of my worries however come on!

You ladies reading this may be with me on this one however my hair is renowned for sticking up like a hens arse at the best of times let alone cutting off my bathroom supply. Looks like it could be a sink job.. actually come to think of it I may make a detour to my mothers. I may ask her to make my tea while I’m at it and take over a large quantity of ironing! Good thinking!

The healthy eating has been going according to plan. Exercise will take place this evening. After watching an advert (infomercial) I cam across an exercise DVD set called slim in 6. I was sucked in from the get go. Let me explain..

Here I was sitting at 5.45am this morning coffee in hand with my eyes touching the floor sitting gorping at this woman’s figure thinking to myself ” I want to be slim in 6″.

Actually come to think of it I think it was the rather nice low fat chocolate dessert in her meal plan that swayed me not the resistance bands she was using that I know would smack me in the face if I gave them a go! Anyhow I was sold. 3 easy pays of £16!

As for tonight it’s the white queen finale and I literally cannot wait. The husband’s going upstairs to watch his dose of match of the day while I sit there cuppa in hand watching the scandal unfold. I know what’s coming however cannot help myself. Nothing beats a good drama on a Sunday evening before work the following day.

To conclude today’s post. Make each day count.

Don’t look to the past create room for your future but better yet live for the now. Don’t keep looking at your watch just try and embrace what’s right in front of you. Life would be so much simpler if we erased negativity from our minds however even I know you cannot do this 100% of the time. Don’t keep counting the days enjoy your days and have fun!


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