Tiredness, green tea and the fear of turning into my parents.

Tuesday. Oh how I wish you were Friday. Now that’s not right is it? Surely I shouldn’t be wishing my life away. Well today all I wanted to do was drift into the good old land of nod and snooze for England.

I’ve decided tonight is going to be more of a ramble instead of my usual reminiscing about down days and slotting the odd inspirational saying in. As I’m rambling there’s bound to be the odd swear word in here.

The purpose of this evening’s post is to let you in on just general stuff instead of the anxious person I can become when my condition’s mentioned. Instead of the various sides of me such as the shaky person or the concerned aspects of my personality I thought I’d just be Saz for this evening.

For years I’ve sat on the shelf worrying about my condition and although I choose to raise Epilepsy and anxiety awareness sometimes I think it’s nice to take a breather and take into account that my life is more than my condition.

Sometimes it’s equally as effective writing about other things than just my condition if that makes any sense.

I’ve officially decided to not go into the depths of despair but just write about everything and nothing. I thought I’d share to see if any of you can associate with my personality. God help you if you do.

Today has been a funny old day if I do say so myself. As usual duty calls and as it’s Tuesday well there’s only one thing for me to do. Go to work.

To summarise today it’s safe to say that I’ve turned from a bubbly person to someone who is constantly tired and when I mean tired I mean I could literally fall asleep on a washing line.

Thank you to you all for your advice so far. Although I am 99% certain the keppra is causing this tiredness I’ve decided to get checked out by the doctor just to be on the safe side.

Anyhow apart from yawning every five minutes today I’ve been having a right laugh.. at myself!

Firstly that’s the thing about certain days of the week they tend to blend into one because the routine is exactly the same, however when you throw me into the mix you never quite know what you’re going to get. Secondly as you are all aware I love nothing more than laughing at myself because let’s face it I am chief goon.

My day usually consists of..

Alarm at 5.15, get up at 5.45 for work. Take my inhalers, try to walk (however usually fall) down the stairs whilst dragging my feet. Give the cat a quick stroke before shovelling a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice down my neck whilst taking my six anti epileptic drugs, antihistamines and multi vitamins.

Fifteen minutes later on goes the shower, the war paint(an old saying for makeup) is then applied and the little bit of hair I have is sticking up like fork lighting. After an hour I’m en route to work trying to smile whilst still feeling as rough as a badgers arse. I can only presume you all feel the same, if not then I’m an exception.

Today a further three parts were added to the fold.. best continue.

This morning whilst getting ready and listening to the verve to wake me I started chuckling to myself and wondered how the hell I get through the day.

Being a 28 year old I should be clued up with all the usual stuff such as apps, instagramming (I’m getting better at that) and logging every smidge of my day on facebook.

In fact I should have researched the art of social networking and the jargon that appears to come with it however to be honest I cannot be bothered. I’d rather have a cup of tea and catch up with old films such as Casino, Scarface and Taxi driver whilst dropping the occasional tweet to you all.

After speaking with a couple of twitter pals this morning before work I’ve drawn the conclusion that I’m officially old when it comes to the whole social networking scene.

For all you people older than me apologies for that comment however after reading this it’s safe to say that you know more lingo than I do because I don’t have a clue. In fact I think I’m turning into my parents who have the same level of computer intelligence than I do. Well maybe that’s a little lie.. The only difference being is that I know how to turn a computer on.

I cannot work a computer without getting frustrated. I do so at work and I don’t know how I get by at times. I have an Iphone that I’ve only just got the hang of 22 months on (and I’m due an upgrade next month) and as for transferring music on anything other than ITunes well I’m stuck right there.

Whilst scrolling through my twitter timeline this morning a whole lot of YOLO came up on my screen. I mean honestly WTF does YOLO mean? I’ve only just got the hang of LOL, WTF and hashtagging but YOLO. I was intrigued therefore went online first thing asking my followers what YOLO meant. How sad am I? Haha!

I swear whilst pressing the tweet button I could just sense you all having a little giggle to yourselves whilst thinking quietly “Who’s this tosser?” whilst responding.

I have been informed that YOLO means you only live once. As this is the case then tonight I will merge my usual inspirational awareness posts with a bit of jargon and tell you all to YOLO! Eee.. that’s so bad, I can’t believe I’ve just written that and promise you all that I will never say that again.

Why can’t we all just say the whole sentence without abbreviating it. It sounds so much better. If I said YOLO to my dad he’d probably think I was saying Polo and ask me for a mint.

Mid day I was absolutely shattered. Everyone around me thinks that this tiredness isn’t normal for a girl of my age. I called the GP and could feel myself drifting off into my chicken basmati dish whilst talking.

Before long I decided there was only one way to keep me awake. Before you say coffee. No. I decided there was only one way forward (or so the internet tells me)… Green tea.

Now green tea. Words can’t describe my NON attraction to green tea. The fact consumers think that disguising the bitter taste with a dash of lemon flavouring to make it taste better is an understatement.

Why don’t these consumers read reviews and accept that it’s bloody awful stuff and adding lemon doesn’t make a bit of difference.

The only thing that appealed to me today about green tea is the fact it’s supposed to uplift you, keep you awake and assist the healthy eating regime. Out of sheer desperation I decided I must endure drinking green tea yet again.

Low and behold the green tea did in fact kept me awake therefore you know what tomorrow means? Another green tea day! Bugger that give me a cup of Tetley anyday!

As for this evening well. Exercise done, healthy eating complete, chores done, blogging now done. Saz time. Damn right.

To conclude today’s post. The tiredness may never go because it’s medication related, the turning into my parents is inevitable and as for the green tea well that’s gotta go. Actually come to think of it I suppose I could slot it into my regime on the basis it benefits me somehow.

The one thing I will say is that as I’m getting older I’m starting to appreciate what life has to offer. We need to have the odd bout of laughter to get us through our day but most importantly we should never lose sight of who we are and what we want. Write down the things that make you laugh and refer back to them in times of anxiousness. It may kick you out of your worried state.

If all else fails drink a cup of green tea. That’ll make you smile.. not.


2 thoughts on “Tiredness, green tea and the fear of turning into my parents.

  1. I said earlier anything over 25 is old. Thats why I’m ancient at 32. As a non TEA or Coffee drinker, I go with juice or water on a normal day then on tired days like you describe, I get out the office and get myself a Pepsi and cheeky Redbull. Its not just the drink but the walk too. Sometimes just escaping the office at a new time for 5 minutes can help the confusion. Not that I would tell my boss, they would put a cow bell on me and send a search party after 5 minutes.

    • Thanks for the comment Chris. If I’m old then you’re ancient mate! Lol.

      I think I’ll have to opt with juice. I do like diluted juice.
      I tend to keep myself hydrated with water (should drink more actually). Will definitely take your advice and mix it up a bit.

      I think routine is good however is making my body a little lazy!

      I may need a cow bell too! People usually panic if I’m away for more than ten minutes.

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