Anger vs Happiness.

“For every minute you’re angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Happiness. What is it exactly?

In my opinion happiness is when you have that overwhelming sense of pride in your tummy. It’s the grin that resembles the Cheshire cat out of Alice in Wonderland and it’s the feeling of knowing that something or someone has made you feel so happy.

Today isn’t going to be like my usual posts. It’s going to be smidge shorter for one however today is going to be homing in on happiness as a whole and whether getting yourself angry over the slightest thing has a drastic impact on that happiness.

Over the years I’ve found I have a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character in me. I think we all to an extent.

I don’t think we ever stumble through life constantly being angry or bursting with pride every second of every day I think we can revert our feelings very quickly from one extreme to another without even realising.

Upon diagnosis there was this misconception as to what my Epilepsy was.

In relation to my anxiety and the mild attacks I’d have I’d feel like I was letting the side down by not enjoying myself and choosing to stay indoors instead of going through the motions. This in itself would create that feeling of frustration thus turning me into Angry Saz.

This alternate side of me was something I didn’t particularly like however when I was in my angry zone I couldn’t think clearly. What I should have done was accept the frustration I had and acknowledge this frustration in order to carry out the remainder of the day.

A question for you all? Do any of you get those moments where you feel like you’re not grasping the task in front of you? Do you ever feel that it doesn’t matter how many times you try you’re not quite there?

If you answer yes to any of these questions how do you cope or better still how do you deviate from allowing yourself to feeling overwhelmed?

Well this is what I have a tendency to get a little subdued in times of change. I’m all for embracing change in my head and encourage this when I approach others however when it comes tome taking own advice and putting this into practice then I’m stumped.

As I document my feelings onto Sazzle’s blog I start to forward instead of back wanting to live my life in the present and not in the past. Although my past has taught me a significant amount of life skills it’s also taught me that living in the past is something I want to do on a regular basis. Been there, done that and worn the sodding TShirt.

On the flip side life is for living and it’s definitely for the now.

Happiness should be at the forefront of your mind along with the people you want to ensure are happy such as your partner, your children but most importantly yourself. As you can gather my happiness is spending time amongst family, friends, having the odd glass of wine and making a complete fool of myself. If I had a choice I would choose this place every single time.

Epilepsy is something that I’ve believed for years has tested my happiness. It’s made me question what I need to do to maintain that element of happiness when I am having those shaky bouts and times of demotivation.

From blogs I’ve read previously and conversations I’ve had with others. In times of anger don’t over evaluate what you’re doing but see where the anger will get you and where it will lead you.

Although you may find that anger may remove the stresses you have think of the consequences it will have on your day and whether kicking off will actually benefit you at all. Think logically and know that whatever storm you’re currently in will pass on the basis you want it to pass.

Should your condition be troubling you then look at what could be causing the problem. Is it a side effect of your meds? Is it the fact that you’re just had a seizure and you’re disappointed with yourself or if you like me is it something as trivial as cutting your tongue and wondering how you’re going to enjoy a drink of juice without it stinging?

There’s usually an answer to everything, it’s how you react to that answer is key therefore don’t allow it to dominate your life.

As for the remainder of the day. Rather boring really. I’m due to exercise shortly so that should be rather fun (yawn), the healthy eating is going remarkably well considering I want to eat everything in the house and the cat finally has fresh cat litter.

Our Benny bless him has hurt his paw. The vet has noticed an inch cut on the inside of one of his claws possibly as a result of climbing tress.

Earlier on in the week we decided to take the cat to the vet. Not only was he stressed to the hilt vomiting and soiling himself in his cat carrier he was pushed and shoved by the vet roughly that made me rather upset. When it comes to animals I’m a soppy bugger however wasn’t feeling that soppy when I found out how much the vet bill was going to be.

For the second time in a couple of months I’ve harped on about vets bills. £74! How much? For an injection, a shaved paw and a course of medicine. Scandalous that’s what that is! The standard medical prescription for humans is approximately £8, but bloody £74 is crazy! Never mind I love him and he’s getting better therefore I’m feeling happier.

To conclude today’s post. You can’t prevent being angry every now and again. That’s human nature however think of the consequences before making rash decisions. Understand what makes you tick and try to prevent those emotions flaring up by taking up a hobby or organising a night out with friends.

Happiness should be something we make a priority like we do our loved ones. Remember what makes us happier and translate that to the ones we care for. Don’t lose valuable time, create it.


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