Higher education or learning about yourself? What’s more important?

Good evening everyone. A late post tonight therefore this won’t be as long as my usual.. or so she says.

Before I start rattling off my usual deep Sazisms I would like to inform you all that Saz officially hit her 400th follower on twitter.

Along with my wordpress and facebook following my actual followers are approaching 480 and I am over the moon with that figure.

People reading may think “That’s nothing” however considering this blog was about documenting my personal journey and was initially for my eyes only I think it’s done pretty well to which I am extremely grateful to you all. Thank you for your positive feedback, your support but most importantly your advice.

Right enough babbling here we go.

Today’s quote has to be:

“Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune”- Jim Rohn.

This morning I was reading an article in the local paper about children making the ultimate decision to go to University. Mid way down the article I could feel my mind drifting to when I was their age. Seeing tonight’s quote coincides with this article rather well.

When people mention the word formal education I start thinking. For the majority of people entering higher education (i.e sixth form/college, university) they have a plan.

That plan is to either do one of three things it’s to go down the path they want for themselves, it’s entering university because they’re parents want them to specialise in a certain profession that they never did or if you were like me you entered university thinking you knew what you wanted however were actually killing time because deep down you didn’t want to admit that you were just standing still.

Before I go any further I would like to say that my opinions are my own therefore the intention is not to offend anyone who has furthered their own education these are my thoughts and my thoughts only. If you want to further your education then brilliant. You know what you want and that’s your decision.

Me I was pretty much a little girl lost and looking back only a quarter of the people I knew that went to university entered the job of their dreams. The remainder are either in the same position as me employed learning life skills in the job they currently have, unemployed or are travelling the world still not knowing what they want.

In today’s society unemployment is rife with the figures increasing on a monthly basis. My parents brought me up to work, to work full time and pay my way because that’s what life was and still is all about. They taught me to be as independent as I can and to “never borrow, never lend” from anyone.. well maybe the odd £5 from them I suppose… and the odd hint when out shopping- that’s what children do even if they’re 28!

Some students who have passed their course wanting so desperately to continue are sitting on the shelf waiting for that ideal opportunity to come along so they can put their new found experience to good use. With that in mind I feel for them. Student fees are rising considerably and compared to the early noughties some are putting uni on hold because of financial hardship.

With regards to tonight’s quote I think to myself what is more beneficial for us as individuals? Is it piling the pressure on to get the degree or is teaching ourselves how to live our lives to the fullest with the tools we already have? Or is it both? I’ll let you decide.

Is getting a degree the be all and end all? Does getting that degree mean you’re any further forward as a person? If you don’t succeed does that make you a failure?

This has been the bone of contention since I left university with me questioning whether it was the right decision to make by leaving. Within a month of starting Sazzle’s blog I wrote everything down that upset me about University. My seizures had returned, I was miserable and I was getting into debt because I wanted to live “The student life”.

To a degree (pardon the pun) I blamed the stresses of university behind my seizures returning and the upheaval that was caused as a result of that chapter in my life.

Deep down this possibly wasn’t the case however I had nothing or nobody to point the blame at. I therefore made the decision to return home four months into my course putting my happiness before letters after my name. I’ve got my entire life to want letters after my name if I really want it and finances permit.

Instead of moping I decided that instead of getting the media degree I thought I wanted I decided that it was only right that now my seizures had made an appearance that I educate myself about my condition instead of learning about someone else’s life through a media textbook.

Maybe leaving university was giving me the sign that I needed to find myself and not the person I thought I wanted to be.

I have always been lead to believe that you are what you make yourself. If you want educating then educating you shall do. Teaching yourself common sense ranks higher because you can stand on your own two feet. As I’ve grown older I think that you can have as many qualifications as your heart desires however if you haven’t got a degree in common sense then where do you stand? I’m still trying to find common sense however I’m getting there… 🙂

People make mistakes that’s human nature however it’s the learning from the mistakes that’s key.

Since speaking to you all I’m understanding my condition more than I ever have and that in my eyes is a greater attribute than bragging about what qualifications I have. Maybe uni just wasn’t for me and if I was making the decision all over again would I change my mindset? Possibly not.

As for the remainder of my day. Exercise is on hold until this bloody headaches go. I’m having a mid afternoon snooze daily and are taking paracetemol a couple of times a day. Only retail therapy cured today’s headache. Haha!

Eating wise apart from my mini mars bar I’ve done rather well. After consulting pals I’ve decided that by depriving myself entirely of a little sweet treat will cause me to want it even more therefore persevere with the healthy eating and eat everything in moderation.

To conclude today’s post. Be who you want to be. Get the education you want from life.

You can have both however with me it just wasn’t meant to be.. yet. Sometimes taking a step back and deciding from the offset what you actually want stands you in greater stead than what others want for you. Taking the pressure off yourself can make you feel like a richer person because you don’t have that un-necessary worry thus helping yourself and your condition.

Educating yourself about you will hopefully enable you to be a happier person. Everyone appears to want to strive for the ultimate happiness therefore be as happy as you can and take each day as it comes.


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