Have the final laugh.

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh.. at yourself”- Unknown.

This is quite a touchy subject with some and I don’t know why. When I say that I mean what is it with people being so damn serious? I’ve noticed with people’s mannerisms that they’re either optimistic or pessimistic.

You get those people who are repulsed when someone farts or is one of those people who get themselves all flustered when they trip over in front of a crowd of people.

Me I laugh hysterically joining in with the humour because there’s nothing funnier than poking fun at yourself and realising that you’re not perfect. I mean honestly what’s the point in wasting valuable time getting yourself stressed over the simplest thing?

I will hold my hands up high and openly admit that I have been partial to getting myself chewed over nothing worrying to the point where I came over all light headed being unwell and then feeling a bit of a berk afterwards.

It’s right what the quote above says.

The day you start laughing at yourself is the day where you start appreciating life for what it is. Having those laughs can bring the fondest memories.

Life isn’t always about taking yourself too seriously it’s about making certain aspects of your life a priority however the remainder you should enjoy not be afraid of.

When I was younger I was rather pessimistic getting myself irate at the simplest of things.

Growing older and bringing my Epilepsy along for the ride I’ve found that my thinking is completely parallel to what I was once was resulting in me now trying to be the eternal optimist and accepting that life could be so much worse.

Looking back at myself as a person I felt like I was a sheep following the herd and singing to everyone else’s tune. Nowadays I think sod it I’m going to be me and as long as I remain sensible and don’t hurt others then I’m just going to be Saz not someone else.

When I was diagnosed with grand mal seizures at the age of 8 I thought that my life would become non existent because Epilepsy would dominate my life. To a degree my condition did rule my life until one day in my late teens on their return that I wouldn’t allow my Epilepsy to exclude me from my happiness and that my life was more than my condition. I therefore sought help shortly afterwards.

I remember upon diagnosis my dad came out with a sentence that has stuck with me ever since. That sentence was:

“Never take yourself too seriously sweetheart. If you looked like me then you’d be someone who plays for England’s Ugly 11. Big nose, wonky eye and going pink round the sides”

Initially when I heard that statement I was mortified immediately finding myself saying “No dad you’re not like that” however before I could open my mouth to utter those very words I could see my dad rolling about laughing wanting me to join in on his joke. Before long I started to laugh wondering why my dad was poking fun at himself. Was he wanting my sympathy or was I taking myself too seriously?

I would say looking back it was definitely the latter of the two. Every time my seizures would get mentioned I would put a gigantic wall in front of me afraid that people would take the piss out of me. To be called an offensive name isn’t called for however sometimes in order for people to understand you have to let your guard down and explain the only way you know possible.

From those of you who have followed me from the beginning will be well aware of my bullying incident shortly after returning home from University in which one of the lads called me a spastic because I suffered from Epilepsy. To this day that argument isn’t very far from my mind when I’m out socialising however instead of fretting about it like I once did I now know that I have nothing to be ashamed of.

I suffer from a condition that I will quite happily encourage people to educate themselves on because stigma is still rife across the world. I’m not embarrassed to say that I have a condition that twenty years on I’m still learning to cope with. This is who I am and if you don’t like it then no biggie.

Ask yourself this are you afraid to let yourself go because you’re uncertain what way someone will take you? Are you concerned that they won’t understand your personality or is it that if you let your guard down that you’ll become vulnerable and have an episode?

Whatever answers you’ve chosen what I’d advise is this. You may have the episode whether you answer yes to these questions or not therefore why don’t you just stand tall and have a good time regardless. You don’t need other people’s consent to enjoy yourself. Be proud to say you have a condition and if people don’t like it then tough, you know who you are and that’s the most important.

As for yesterday. My headaches have really pissed me off however I know two things are contributing towards these. My meds and the lack of water I’m drinking. Taking paracetemols every four hours hasn’t been the nicest particularly when they get lodged in your throat. After plenty of advice from my twitter pals I’ve rested my head when necessary and came back bouncing after my mid afternoon snooze.

Shakes wise they made a slight appearance yesterday forcing me to lie on the sofa however I knew that they would pass, low and behold they did before the white queen started. Oh how I love that programme. If you aren’t watching it then please do BBC1 9pm every Sunday night.

As exercise alleviates tension I thought I would stick to my promise and woop it’s arse even though it nearly killed me in the process. Some of the exercises remind me of my dancing days as a kid however that was a long time ago.

Healthy eating is going relatively well apart from my salsa mishap yesterday evening. It’s what I’m gonna call Salsa gate. Whilst making tortilla wraps for yesterday’s evening meal I thought I would allow my husband to open the salsa bottle as I’d lost the grip in my hands. Within seconds the bottle exploded and salsa was all over my walls.

Eeee what a site.

Dangerous but we saw the funny side of it also. I don’t know what was worse was that my husband had salsa all over him or the fact the salsa was up my cream walls. I stood there gobsmacked laughing uncontrollably kitchen completely covered. I wish I had the thing taped on slow mo. I can safely say my kitchen is now clean and the salsa bottle has been disposed of. Thank god.

Anyhow to conclude today’s post. Have the final laugh, there’s no comeback when people try to get one over on you. As hard is it to possibly read this and think “Aren’t you bringing yourself down to your haters level” Absolutely not. Before I go ask yourself this. What’s the point in allowing others to win with their verbal abuse?

You should be proud of yourself and realise that you shouldn’t be wasting your life trying to impress others. The only person you have to impress is yourself.


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