Living in the present moment.

“Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path to joy”- Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Living in the present moment should be something we do every day however we (me included) seem to get into the habit of allowing our minds to either drift either side of the present. In my case it’s the past. This in itself can cause a mixed bag of emotions and can result in you possibly feeling one of two things. Empowered or overwhelmed.

If you are already in the middle of a goal you’ve set yourself and can see the destination merely in the distance then you may look at your past as your motivation to get you to the finish line.

On the other hand constantly reminiscing about past issues can leave you feeling bitter and have a knock on effect on your self esteem forcing you to not go down that road again out of fear that you may be hurt again. We are all different.

From people I’ve spoken to since launching my blog their motivation spurs me on. Their want for success, for better health and for general happiness should be an inspiration to us all.

Lately I haven’t been sleeping as good as I usually do thus leaving my mind to work overtime.

Although I would like to think of myself as being an optimist I have to admit that there’s many a time where I’ve sat there alone deep in thought full of hell about experiences that happened years ago whilst questioning why I still allow myself to get chewed about something that should be forgotten about. Maybe it’s human nature to have these flurries of past torture however is it really necessary? Of course not.

Like Sarah says above in her quote how can we ever be joyful and satisfied if we aren’t living in the present moment?

From having endless conversations with my relatives I’ve grown to understand that time doesn’t stand still and that sitting there feeling like a victim doesn’t actually achieve anything. It just makes you feel worse.

This may seem repetitive me constantly writing about acceptance and feeling better about yourself however sometimes just saying something once doesn’t necessarily sink in. It may just come across as a throw away statement however I do genuinely believe that this can be achieved in time.

Having Epilepsy or suffering from anxiety as a result of your condition can at times make you feel like a victim. It’s like you’re trying to cocoon yourself to prevent being hurt however something happens that can get in the way of you feeling positive. With myself if it wasn’t the seizures or the shaky bouts it was the headaches, the demotivation, the feeling of never being good enough and wondering when and where the next episode would hit.

Don’t get me wrong at present everything excluding the seizures still remain (not as much as it once did) however I’m trying my utmost to stay on top of these side effects by doing exercise, resting when required, blogging, and just trying to overcome the monotony of this pattern.

Ask yourself where you are right now. Are you living for the present moment, living in the past or planning your future too much? Why don’t you look at what you’d like your future to be, strive for what you want however focus on what’s right in front of you now. You never know what’s round the corner therefore live for the present before it passes you by.

When I say live for the present I mean take on board what you want your present to be.

Instead of having that feeling of worthlessness concentrate on the good points and what you bring to the table.

Are you someone who likes to help others? Then go help. Do you like writing/reading? Then why not make it a hobby of yours. The possibilities are endless even if it your hobby may look a little silly to others.

I think when it comes to our condition we tend to think about the things we would prefer not to do such as taking medication, the wanting to drive, the worries about having children and the adjusting our lifestyles accordingly.

I think what therapy has taught me along with many discussions I’ve had with all of you is that Epilepsy is an on-going battle however spreading awareness can make us see how far we’ve come, how much we are prepared to spread the word and how as united as we are. I can also see that we are prepared to educate others about Epilepsy awareness through social media whilst trying to break the stigma and having a laugh in the process.

As for the remainder of the day well…

My tan is coming along nicely. The red glow is still there however I sense a sigh of relief as the glow is going a light shade of tan. Woooooo!! One to me! Usually I burn.

As for the rest of the day my day started very early 4.30am to be precise. Off my husband and I toddled to a very early car boot sale to get rid of the rubbish in our garage. The aim was to make £60 over four hours.

We broke the bank at £80 and I was overjoyed. As we are off to Liverpool for the night mid September I thought this would contribute towards our hotel instead of the dress that I had my eyes on… Don’t know where sensible Saz appeared from. I blame the sun.

No exercise was completed today because my knee has been rather sore therefore to prevent injury I thought I would hang fire and see how I am tomorrow. Again Sensible Saz.. what’s happening to me?

Food wise the only sweet treat I had was a white chocolate magnum. The ice creams (cornets we say up here in the north) were bloody huge and looked far more calorific than a magnum therefore I bought the magnum. As for my choices these have ranged from Shreddies, rice noodles with chicken and a small piece of quiche with salad.. (well the quiche might be a bit fattier) it was either that or a corned beef pie with chips… mmm… corned beef pie.

The afternoon has been family time in which me, my husband, brother and sister in law and nephew went to the park. As the weather has been gorgeous for over a week now I thought I’d flash my legs very slightly and wear a skirt. Arms are getting browner, legs are as pastey as ever. You win some, you lose some eh? Roll on my gradual glow I’m getting next week. No more pastey legs!

To conclude today’s post. Don’t go dwelling because you just end up getting upset. Live for the now and hopefully the joy will come. Gravitate towards what’s most important and leave the rest alone. That’s my word of advice for the day.


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