Family fun, painting fences and seeking advice.

“Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what”

This bank holiday weekend has been one of the nicest and most chilled bank holiday weekends I’ve ever had.

My husbands birthday falls on the second May bank holiday and it’s always one where the sun’s shining, the birds are chirping and one of us gets sunburnt. Unfortunately we are both quite fair (me in particular) therefore the trophy goes to me this time round. I am burnt to a crisp.

I can safely say that I wasn’t sensible at all, wore a low SPF (usually have to use a minimum of SPF30) and didn’t rub it in properly. Only one conclusion can be drawn from that.. Burnt shoulders, back and a little on my arms. To hell with my cooker, the heat coming off my back could easily cook an egg. Never mind I’m back to being sensible now the sun’s gone in!

The remainder of the weekend’s festivities will me mentioned later on.

The quote above about family is something I hold dear. Family to me are the be all and end all. They give me the strength when I’m down, they praise me when things are going right in my life and provide me with endless support. For those who know me or have read my blog from the beginning can blatantly see that I hold my family with the highest regard my in laws included.

My husband is the person that keeps me together. As corny as it sounds but he’s my rock. He’s the person that assists me when I’m shaking and I cannot open things, he’s the person who reminds me to pack my medication (I have forgotten in the past but no longer thanks to the Pillboxie app. Thanks to one of my followers who told me of this) and drops everything when I’m unwell. Not only is he the person I fell for but he’s the person who believes in me regardless of my condition.

Like my husband my parents have provided me with stability and has given me the tools in order to maintain a happy and healthy life. They tried their best to understand my condition and teach me to the best of their ability. Like all parents they put their daughter first and never tried to hold me down. We’ve had our moments as all of us do however they have proven to me that although their relationship is no more that they have never sacrificed their daughter’s happiness to get one over on one another.

Although they have partners of their own my parents remain the best of friends, come together when required and have given me their all. It’s safe to say that having a family setup as unique as that one has taught us all a thing or two. No-one will ever break that bond we have and although my parents aren’t together we will always remain a family.

You can all see where I’m coming from. I could go on all day complimenting the people closest to me. My family and close friends have shown me that life is worth living, that there will always be someone worse off than you therefore live each day like it’s your last and never take anything for granted.

Having a condition is something that can take years to accept and say to yourself.

The day you actually come out and say “I have Epilepsy” is the day where in my case a weight was taken off my shoulders, the denial subsided and the person with the condition was now accepting the fact that this condition was a part of her. The remainder has been a battle however one each day that I’m overcoming. My seizures aren’t in full swing and fortunately they have remained dormant for over four years now.

Although this is the case my mind is still programmed to wonder what’s going to happen next, when the next seizure/shake will arise and what I’m going to have to do to help myself. I am however coming to terms with the fact that if an episode happens it happens and there’s nothing I can do to stop that.

This is the thing with Epilepsy. The seizures may go for a little while however the worry remains. I can say now that I’m not as fearful as I once was and encourage others to lay their cards on the table, seek advice from the medical profession about your condition and if all else fails speak to a support group that specialises in Epilepsy.

If you’re anxious the same rules apply.

On my Facebook page I’ve inputted a couple of UK based support networks that’s helped me over the years such as Mind, the Epilepsy society and Epilepsy Action.

These people genuinely know what you’re feeling because they’ve seen so much over the years. Their volunteers are second to none and their advice is astounding. The do actually know what they’re talking about and aren’t just some randoms telling you what you want to hear. Initially I used to worry as to how I’d be perceived when contacting a support group for advice.

I can recall the first time I called a support group. I was 14. I wanted to prove that I didn’t have to have to wait for the NHS to get their finger out and arrange a slot within a discussion forum therefore I’d call from the comfort of my own home. My hands were sweaty, I was as anxious as hell and I’d jotted a variety of questions on a note pad before calling.

At first I would think that I was weak because I was calling them, how wrong could I have been?

Do you not think that they know someone who has Epilepsy/anxiety therefore are in a position to help you? Of course they do, or if they don’t then they will know enough to help.

They have assisted me on more than one occasion particularly when questions were raised about forgetting to take my medication, exercise and epilepsy and just general info. You’re not alone therefore pick up the phone and seek support. No question is a silly one and if you need it answering and don’t receive that support from your GP then do some research and give these guys a call.

At the beginning of the post I started writing about this weekend’s festivities. My husband has turned 31 and I’m 28 next month. I’ve got some members of the family wondering when the patter of tiny feet will enter our household. To be honest I’d like to say in a couple of years. My other half and I are in the process of saving for America and would love to either go to New York, Florida or Miami perhaps for a getaway before starting to think about a baby.

A baby is a life long commitment and something that must be carefully considered and discussed at length to determine where I would stand health wise. It will happen, it’s just a matter of when.

Saturday was spent dining out eating naughty food and having the odd glass of wine. I’m not going to say that I was forced because it was my husbands birthday because I wasn’t. I’ve got my healthy eating books out so I’m going to revise!

I stayed on track with my exercise and didn’t let Ms Michaels down in that respect. Kill Jill was officially on form shouting at me and getting my arse into gere. Apart from my shaky day last week I have worked out every day since and have felt invigorated and raring to go.

As for today the day was spent with the in laws at Beamish where my nephew for the first time had the opportunity to run wild and see what the north east of England was like in the early 20th century. For those who haven’t experienced Beamish open air museum must do so ASAP. I have been informed that Beamish opened in the early seventies and has developed so much in forty years. Beamish is a working town circa 1913. it’s like stepping back in time and is another world completely.

Beamish consists of a working town with live trams, a horse and cart and mini motor vehicles. Beamish also provides educational tours where actors can educate individuals about their facilities and what times were like in the early 20th century. For those who have been onto my Facebook page today can get a glimpse of the facilities that are there.

By far my two favourite parts of Beamish have to be.. the Sweet shop and the fish and chip shop labelled “Davy’s fried fish”. Typical of me two eateries.

The food provided from each are beautiful and makes you feel like a kid again. All food is made the old fashioned way. The fires are heated with coal, the fish is so tasty and the chips cooked to perfection. The sweets are all handmade with the tools of the day. It’s old fashioned and right up my street.

Today my husband and I opted for a dab and chips. A dab is basically just a fishcake size chip shop fish placed on the top of homemade chips. No forks are provided therefore you can only have one end result that is to throw on the salt and vinegar, get your fingers greasy and enjoy yourself. Wash down that sinful delight with a bottle of dandelion and burdock and you’re done.

As for the sweet shop well.. need I say I any more? You walk into the shop to mountains of jars of homemade sweets, nougat and chocolate mice. Forget today’s cheap rubbish bring on the real thing.

The family and I couldn’t help ourselves and had a go on the carousel. Mind you £1.50 was a tad steep for a two minute ride however I laughed all the way round. I felt like I was a young girl again. I held on for dear life, thought the carouse was going to conk out and hoped my jeggings wouldn’t slip me off the horse! Fortunately none of the above happened therefore I was safe this time round. It was marvellous. A little chilly but marvellous.

In my eyes Beamish is something that I’m proud to have up here in the North east. Everyone seems to have a good time at Beamish. It’s officially the way forward and somewhere I’ve been going to since I was four years old. Overall a lovely weekend.

To conclude today’s post. Be there for your family and allow them to be there for you. We don’t always have to like our family members however we love them regardless. Never take anything for granted because you never know what’s round the corner. Don’t be harsh on yourself and get that advice if you need it.

Leaving it can cause more problems therefore don’t leave it any longer. Always remember that you are the most important and if you’re not right then neither are the people around you that love you. Be caring about the ones you love and the person you are yet carefree about the rest. Put yourself first.


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