I’m not young, have been stupid and are no technicial genius.

Afternoon all, a relatively short post however one I hope may work so fingers crossed. I’ll get to that in a second.

The quote of the day has to be this.

“To be old and wise you must have to be young and stupid”

Today has been a day of sheer frustration, frustration at the fact that for over two hours I have attempted to promote my blog onto a Facebook page without having to go through the palaver of setting up a personal Facebook account. I’m usually not a big fan of Facebook therefore don’t want a personal page however as I’m trying to promote Epilepsy awareness to a wider audience I thought I would give it a go.

Thank you all for your advice however I’m struggling big style because I’m no technical genius. Everyone from my husband to my dad has seen the frustration on my face. I have tried so hard to not get annoyed in front of them however the silence says it all. I’m trying my best to remain calm however failing miserably. If any of you have any suggestions on how I can make this dream a reality then I will happily take them.

Anyhow enough of me getting on my high horse over an internet page best continue.

The quote mentioned above has to be said really. Being young is about having fun. It’s about making mistakes and hopefully learning from them. It’s about dating and realising that he’s not actually the one yet, it’s about spending money you don’t really have and it’s about spending time with your friends and enjoying each moment you have with them. When Epilepsy’s involved it’s a hard thing to discuss when you’re a youngster however if you get into the swing of asking questions and listening then that can stand you in good stead for when you’re older.

With me I was never really young and stupid I was more cautious. I had the odd moment where I would get bladdered (previous posts confirm this) however those were very few and far between. I was someone who was reluctant to let that blonde hair down of mine and let go. I put this down to my Epilepsy, something I hated for not giving me that opportunity to let my hair down. The condition was something in my younger years prevented me from having those stupid moments I wanted.

Looking back I’m appreciative of my condition by making me think differently as the people I knocked around with got themselves into some horrendous states, some that they couldn’t remember the following day. Whilst they’re making an absolute tit of themselves I’m at home with a DVD on or reading a book getting myself all chewed over the fact I was losing friends. Deep down I was gaging an understanding of what society had to offer and something that wasn’t all pretty.

Let’s just say I was being sensible and was relatively pleased any spare cash I had went on dressing smartly than smelling like I’d just crawled out of the local pub.

There have been many that frown at Epilepsy like it’s some disease. The one thing that frustrates me is how people refer to my “illness” as something contagious. Sorry to disappoint but it isn’t contagious.

Epilepsy can sometimes be misinterpreted as a “illness” however that is incorrect. Saying my condition was an illness was something I happily accepted as a teen however something that pissed me off as I got older. To me Epilepsy is a condition not an illness. An illness is a bout of the flu or sickness and diarrhoea not Epilepsy.

Seizures are a part of my condition however they aren’t the only thing that define Epilepsy. Having a condition such as this is a life changing experience. I don’t want to be categorized as an Epileptic. I’m a person who suffers from Epilepsy and there’s a difference.

As society has changed my life has with it. The numerous specialist appointments have condensed and I’m in a position where I’d like to help others cope with their condition. Don’t get me wrong I still have bouts of worry where I feel like the whole world’s on my shoulders and feel like I’m ready to bang my head off a brick wall however aren’t as insecure about my condition and understand that there will be moments like these.

Being happy all of the time is physically impossible therefore we must go through the motions and try and find that place where we can go to let off steam without allowing it to have an impact on others. Suggestions include going into a room and writing down your thoughts, doing exercise, going for a long walk to clear your mind or just shouting at the top of your lungs till you feel that pressure subside.

Unfortunately from experience shouting at others gets you nowhere and can be misinterpreted as you putting the blame on them when really you only want them to listen. Think of the consequence before shouting. Digest the issue and release it slowly.

Anyhow today hasn’t all been about anger. I ventured with my other half to the shops to purchase a photo frame and came back with a lot more than I bargained for. My intention was to spend £10 on a frame however ended up buying food for the home along with my photo frame before making a pit stop at Starbucks for a cool lime drink. So much for me spending a tenner. I spent £25!

As for the healthy eating that too is going superbly well. There’s cheese scones in the house that I am refraining from eating. Who ever guessed that would happen? Exercise wise Jillian Michaels is still wooping my arse with the 30 day shred and is leaving me completely pooped afterwards. No pain no gain.. so best continue.

Before I conclude today’s post I cannot leave without giving a review on yesterday’s Eurovision song contest. What a shower of shite that was.

As there was nothing on the TV, my recordings were up to date and I wasn’t fancying a DVD I ended up watching some of the Eurovision. The presenter was slightly funny however the acts were pitiful. I wasn’t impressed. I made a suggestion with one of my twitter pals that we should form an act with her singing and me playing Lord of the dance on the recorder. Hey it’s worth a bash!

The UK were represented by Bonnie Tyler.

Poor old Bonnie eh?. She wasn’t a patch on her Total Eclipse days however belted it the best she could. The United Kingdom as they’ve done since the mid nineties haven’t won a bean. Like my bets on a Saturday nothing there’s more a chance of me winning the lottery than us winning Eurovision. It doesn’t matter what anyone says Eurovision is all political.

One things for certain is that no one likes the Brits- apart from the countries that gave us a couple of points here and there. Never mind there’s always next year…

To conclude today’s post. There’s a reason why I don’t go on Facebook that’s because I cannot get onto the bloody thing. That and not wanting any people I can only tolerate wanting to add me as a friend when they haven’t been arsed with me for ten years. Fingers crossed I get it up and running someday. As for this evenings post we all make mistakes and that’s normal.

It’s whether you learn from them that’s key. Remember frustration comes and go’s it’s how you channel that frustration determines what the next step will be. Remember to keep calm, take time out and go back to it when you’re feeling less stressed. Nothing’s worth being unwell for.


One thought on “I’m not young, have been stupid and are no technicial genius.

  1. I’m with you on the “epileptic” label. When I first saw my current neurologist she went from saying I had epilepsy to saying I was epileptic? ! I wonder what changed? 🙂
    I am enjoying your blog, very informative.

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