I want to make a difference..

“I do not want to pass the time. I want to grab hold of it and leave my mark upon the world” – Libba Bray.

And I’m pig sick of whinging about this cough so I best grab something with both hands.

Good evening all, this evening is a little shorter than my usual ramblings however thought I would write this evening as tomorrow the festivities will begin with me celebrating my grans 82nd birthday.

Grans birthday usually requires my attention throughout therefore I won’t be blogging tomorrow. It’s the only time (bar a couple of hours mid week) where her and I can chat without being interrupted by repeats of Inspector Morse, Poirot or Foyles War.

My mood has been up and down however I realise that if we remained happy all the time then we would be like a pressure cooker. The only comparison is good old Ned Flanders out of the Simpsons. You ever seen the episode when he flips out? Classic.

Well what a day and what a quote.

I think this quote can be summed up into six words. I want to make a difference.

That’s the reason why I started writing this blog. Ignorance is bliss when Epilepsy is involved. A significant amount of people provide you with the reassurance you need to continue with your life however discrimination is rife amongst the people who choose not to understand and that’s a stigma I would love to erase. Having Epilepsy is not necessarily about sympathy it’s about taking notice.

With all situations you’ll always get your “bad eggs” who can’t quite comprehend that the condition you have is actually real therefore pass judgement. To a small minority having a seizure in front of someone is hilarious however the people who are diagnosed with it along with relatives/friends who are associated with someone who is Epileptic don’t quite see it that way and unfortunately cannot join in on the joke.

We may joke amongst ourselves and try to create a little light hearted humour towards Epilepsy however deep down when your condition is at it’s peak there’s this part of you wants to erase it completely from your life because all it does is cause problems.

I’ve always been one who would love to make a difference in someone else’s life because it’s taken me nearly my entire lifetime to help myself. Although there’s obstacles I’m still facing I can see that changes have taken place and that my confidence is more apparent than it ever has. Once I lacked confidence and belief now I’m on the rise.

I choose to be caring about the ones I love, listen to the ones I care for and think that me and negativity in one sentence shouldn’t be friends. Life is too short to sit and ponder sometimes you just have to be you.

If I could help just one person and raise Epilepsy awareness on my twitter feed then at least I’m making a difference to someone. I just wish I’d listened to someone sooner otherwise I would have accepted myself sooner. On the flip side to that the not listening has meant that I’m able to transfer my feelings into this blog to help others should they want it.

What we must acknowledge is that Epilepsy is a condition that we cannot prevent. A condition that tells us that our brain has a sudden burst of electrical energy hence shutting down. Whether you get triggers or not it’s your body’s way of maybe saying that you’ve done too much and that you need to focus on yourself because the brain is responsible for all the functions in our body.

People have said in the past (that I’ve kindly laughed about) is that I have no brain because I usually come out with random things such as ” Is the reason why there’s darkness on Google maps is because it’s dark outside” well not really Saz no.

The list is endless others include “If I take the wallpaper off my wall to reveal bare walls will the rain come through”

Eeee what was I thinking? Children come out with things like that not a 27 year old woman. My dad’s been in stitches ever since I made that statement and he’s never let me live it down.


We are approaching the end of the football season, my bets have gone tits up week after week and my bank balance will be dwindling within the next two weeks after I’ve forked out a mini fortune treating my husband to birthday presents and a celebratory meal. I suppose he deserves it..

We have recently been informed that we are off to see Woman in Black this month. My mother in law kindly bought my husband theatre tickets therefore off we toddle to see one of the scariest theatrical performances known to man. For those who haven’t seen the film Woman in Black it’s scary as and it’s a 12A. Yep you heard me rightly a 12A and a bloody scary 12A at that.

I was terrified whilst watching and the suspense killed me. My hands were constantly over my face and I was shouting at the TV. At one stage of the film my cup of tea fell onto my pyjama bottoms and not only was I jumpy but burnt also. The aim is to NOT take any drink into the theatre and to pray to god that the woman (who’s rumoured to come into the audience) won’t brush past me or sit in the spare seat at the end of the aisle otherwise I’m outta there.

This weekend is all about having fun and preparing for the week ahead not that it’s going to be interesting one however come Sunday I should hopefully be able to start my exercise regime and let the squat challenge recommence.

Three small sweets have been consumed today however I’ve eaten healthily with my usual cereal, two cups of coffee, a peppermint tea, a sarnie, a spag bol and a muller rice. The Saz snack challenge has veered off course however I’m re-starting the slim pod first thing tomorrow morning before I go out on my Saturday jaunt with my dad.

To conclude today’s post. You can make a difference in the world if you put your heart to it. Excelling in the job you’re in, making a house a home or even talking to someone when they’re feeling low are three examples (to name a few) that can make you feel empowered. I usually find that my interests are shopping, cooking, blogging and talking. It’s safe to say I talk the hind legs off a donkey.

People don’t even realise they’re making a difference unless someone tells you. All it takes is one sentence to make people see.

By writing my emotions down is not only therapeutic but is a reference for me to refer to when I’m not feeling myself. Making a difference is about listening and advising when people are low and need that additional support.

Sometimes people look at the world and see despair, others see bliss. Me I’m that person in between. Accept reality and see how your abilities can change other peoples lives. You may not think you’re strong but you’re probably stronger than what you think.


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