Cinema issues.

“Get yourself out and have a great time tonight” were the words uttered from my mam on the telephone.

What my mother’s referring to is my evening out with my other half, brother in law and sister in law yesterday evening. We have had a cinema night planned for over two months with us all eagerly awaiting the remake of the Evil Dead movie. Initially I wanted to dodge the night because I didn’t wanna look like a right wimp however thought what the hell let’s give it a go.

The weekend, two days that everyone longs for. Unless you are working over the weekend the sigh of relief as you leave work come Friday afternoon/evening is unreal. You know that for two days you aren’t going to be in work and once chores are done can let your hair down.

Before I discuss the zombification let’s rattle off the quote of the weekend:

“A man needs a little madness or else he never dares to cut the rope and be free”- Nikos Kazantazkis

This applies to us ladies too. My life is full of ups and downs like everyone else out there. There’s been moments where I’ve been a tad too comfortable and a little reserved however as I’m getting older I’m thinking why not? Why do I have to do something because it’s all I know. Get out there and see what’s available. I might as well let my hair down and do things that I enjoy instead of what others expect of me or what society expects adults in my age bracket to do.

There’s many a conversation I’ve overheard in the city centre where I’ve heard people say “I haven’t had a good night unless I’m completely wasted”. What they’re really saying is that they can’t enjoy themselves unless they’ve had a large quantity of alcohol. I’m all for having a couple of drinks however now know my limits. I mean answer me this question why would I want to get rat arsed over a 6 hour period to be lying in bed all day Sunday? What a waste of the two days I actually have off work.

Unless you’re tee total drinking too much is just the devils work. I’m a person that cannot handle her drink very well and have (fortunately in front of the people I love) made an absolute twat of myself by consuming too much, mixing my drinks and feeling rubbish for about two days after. Looking back it was my way of thinking I was letting my hair down however wasn’t. It was just me drinking because everyone else was.

If you analyse the quote and alcohol together that doesn’t make me feel free, in fact it makes me look like a complete tool and can reduce the effectiveness of my medication thus resulting in an immanent seizure. Being free to me is going outside of my comfort zone as in wearing new fashion trends, dining differently, going on new adventures, seeing films I wouldn’t dare to see or learning new things.

If I was to ask you what was outside of your comfort zone what answer would you give? Have you tried anything new lately that you’d recommend to others? Was it a new eatery or was it a new sport you’ve tried? Everybody’s tastes differ and that’s what makes people more interesting.

Epilepsy for me is a way of life. It’s something I never asked for however have had to adjust my life around. I haven’t given up on life and have still had the opportunity to have a fulfilled one however had to understand very quickly what my limitations are. To me an anxious moment requires rest, a shaky bout can wipe me out for a day and a seizure for two.

Spontaneity is something people love. Being spontaneous is something that should be exhilarating and exciting. Spontaneity freaks me out in some cases. I love the idea of trying something new however feel that I need to build myself up to it.

As sociable as I can be unless it’s something I can research or feel comfortable with then I’m a nervous wreck and need a small glass of wine to calm my nerves. I cannot recall being this way pre diagnosis so why do I have these moments? Nowadays they are very few and far between however about three years ago I was a disaster.

I’m gradually getting better however the anxious moments are there and it makes me wonder why they are. Is the anxiety a result of my medication or not? The therapist and neurologist presume the anxiety is a result of my medication however it’s to be debated.

What I keep telling myself and would recommend to others is what’s the worst that can happen? The answer is maybe I’ll be sick therefore I go home and go to bed, maybe I’ll feel hot therefore I go outside and cool down or maybe I’ll be put on the spot therefore I find that energy and make new friends. There’s never a problem that cannot be solved.

Yesterday’s cinema evening was rather good. Not only did I spend time with my family however came out of my comfort zone and went to see the remake of Evil Dead. Beforehand we dined at an Italian (in which I had a lovely thin crust mushroom pizza with a diet coke) before venturing to the £1 shop to buy some sweet treats (Haribo and a small bag of buttons) and steadily walking into the screening. My mind was unsure what to expect and I was absolutely papping my pants as soon as the trailers came on.

The reason why I’ve homed in on the cinema is because I’m dreadful when it comes to choosing my seats. It can by a right faff however think i’s needed.

Everytime I go to the cinema I have to sit on an end seat just incase the inevitable should happen and I have an episode. By sitting on the end I won’t put others in danger and it’s my way of getting out should I need to. Are any of you the same? Do anyone with Epilepsy out there have that concern when they go to the cinema?

When it comes to 3D I can watch a film however need to take a couple of paracetemol before hand to prevent a headache. I haven’t tried IMAX and have no desire to because I don’t want to jinx a seizure.

Going to the cinema is like an event in itself. The one thing that infuriates me is the price a cinema will charge for you to see a film. Last night it was £9.50 per seat to see a 2D film that was before the confectionary, the meal beforehand and the petrol getting up there. How can they be allowed to charge so much? It was never that expensive when I was younger. Forget it being a cheap night, It’s like going out for a night on the tiles.

For those who know me know that horror films aren’t my thing. Gore doesn’t scare me, in fact gore is quite comical. Clowns, ventriloquist dummies, poltergeist or the unexpected makes me wanna get out of my seat and run for dear life. My first moment of horrific madness had to be when flicking over the channel to see Tim Curry in IT dressed as a clown.

From about the age of 9 all I could envisage was him dressed as a clown staring at me through the TV screen and me thinking that all of a sudden he’d come into my bedroom knife in hand and come after me. The same applies with the Chucky films, Poltergeist or the Exorcist. Get me out of there. Freddie Kruger doesn’t bother me and as for some of the other Zombies wey what more can I say? Hilarious.

Right now Film critic Saz is going to give her synopsis of Evil Dead. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The film wasn’t a disaster. I’ve never seen the original to compare this one against however actually liked it. My brother and sister in law thought the original was better. Thank god for the sweets because there was the occasional moment where I had a little jump. I didn’t shout “Oi man” when I jumped (which I did when watching woman in black) however wasn’t very far off. To me Woman in black was scarier as it had the suspense factor.

If you don’t mind gore then go, if you don’t mind zombies then go otherwise wait for the DVD. To me it was your typical American horror film where you wanna shout “Don’t go down the cellar” but they go. There’s your usual busty blonde however that’s to be expected and there’s the moments where you wanna shout “Really why are you doing that?” however they do. All in all not too bad.

The Great Gatsby is a film I’m dying to see. Not only is Leonardo Dicaprio in it (like a fine wine he’s getting better with age) but I get the impression it’s gonna be a sort of adult version of Bugsy Malone with a bit of adult romance and a bit of scandal. I think that may be a film I’ll go see with my mother because my husband would be bored to tears.

The bets went tits up (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve betted this year) however I did make a couple of sneaky beauty purchases. The squat challenge is well and truly on with me now hitting 140 squats whilst doing my Davina app sweating away and forcing the cat to move from the middle of the living room floor into the spare room so I could prance about. Apart from my small mushroom pizza and cinema snacks I’ve eaten healthily and exercised regularly this weekend.

I’ve decided come tomorrow the snacks are gone. I’m not going to go cold turkey however am going to give myself a challenge that I’ll label the Saz alternative snack challenge. That’s for me to find sweet treats that will sustain my sweet cravings whilst being healthy for me. Fruit’s canny however how many bananas/apples can I eat before getting bored? I’m not a berry lover nor am I lover of anything that sounds like E such as kiwi. Any recommendations?

To conclude today’s post. Go outside your comfort zone, what’s stopping you? I suppose life’s about taking risks and seeing how far you can push yourself without having a detrimental effect on your health. I know there’s not enough days in a weekend therefore make it a priority to enjoy yourself. Go online and see what’s available in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised what you learn and who you meet in the process.


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