Music, Memories and a way of explaining Epilepsy to others.

The weekend is here and I’m buzzing. Compared to last weekend I’m adamant that I’m going to do everything I failed to do last week like spending time with family, seeing a film at the cinema and just enjoying 48 hours worth of not being at work. That’s what the weekend’s all about.

I’ve always been a lover of music. Music hypes me up, it relaxes me and takes my thought process to another level. Usually people associate certain songs with their mood and can in some cases describe in depth exactly how you’re feeling. Sometimes words get in the way therefore by asking someone to listen to a specific song can get your point across without making a complete fool of yourself.

On the topic of music it would seem wrong to not introduce you all to this evening’s post without a lyric, that lyric is:

“Living is easy with eyes closed”- John Lennon.

For those who aren’t familiar with that lyric it’s from the song Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles.

The Beatles are probably one of my most favourite bands along with John Lennon’s music as a sole artist. The fact that they were British makes me proud of what they achieved and how they contributed towards that vibrant sixties feel.

The Beatles to me are the epitome of musical genius and like other artists of the time they broke barriers and brought Beatlemania everywhere they went. They were idolised and their lyrics meant something. It’s such a damn shame that I wasn’t born back in the day because the fashion of the sixties is stunning.

To me music has changed. Songs are full of regurgitated rubbish. There’s no real beat anymore, the lyrics are all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. The tunes artists are bringing out pose no relevance in my life whatsoever. It’s all dur chickadur shit. All you hear are fifties to early nineties classics supposedly getting revamped to appeal to the youngsters of today. To me give me old school anyday however each to their own.

Approximately six years ago I had the opportunity to walk down the famous Mathew Street in Liverpool. I bopped from the top all the way to the bottom before getting my photo taken with the John Lennon statue in that musical spot. At the time of walking down that very street my seizures had returned, I was on medication, had a stotting headache however made it my priority to walk down Mathew Street, visit The Cavern Club amongst others and feel like a true Beatle fan.

What does music mean to you? Have you ever sat there listened to a song and thought that song has summed up your life in a nutshell? I know I have.

Along with the Beatles I grew up listening to cassette tapes in my mam’s red J reg Nova fun car on a daily basis. Songs varied from Earth, Wind and fire to Lisa Stansfield before turning the volume up for a bit of Chaka Khan. The songs were endless.

My mam and I would sing at the top of our lungs in her car and laugh at the fact that my music background was starting to expand with me singing songs from before I was born. Although I loved bopping away to a bit “Play that funky music white boy” I would always resort back to The Carpenters and sing my heart out from the age of six to any one who had that spare five minutes so I could belt out a tune.

Music to me was a way of me shutting off from the world, sitting there in my room with my headphones in and writing down in my seizure diary an honest account of my feelings. Upbeat songs made me see that life wasn’t all about seizures and shakes. Listening to music took me to another place, a happier place. A one full of zest and one with no regret.

I can probably remember nearly every song I listened to on the radio or on my discman before entering a specialist appointment or the artist I may have been listening to before having a seizure. Everytime I had a seizure there was always a TV on or music on in the background. Music was my barrier.

Sometimes I would question my relatives how many songs had been on from the moment I started convulsing to the moment where I actually knew what had happened. I usually predicted right at about eight songs. As the years went on I’d say that reduced to five.

Growing up was eventful. You have your good days and bad days. If someone gave me a magic want and asked would I change it for the world? My response would be maybe I would back then but definitely not now. No one likes having a seizure or even being in the company of one however it has made me the person I am today. A one who’s appreciative of life and always wanting to learn something new. Life’s about learning new things, understanding cultures and adapting to change. That’s what makes the world go round.

Memories are something you cannot take away from someone. Whatever despair you may have or worries you may go through no one can take those memories from you.

Today’s events have consisted of working, exercising and not snacking as much. I’m afraid to say I did have a chicken balti at work however only ended up eating a small portion. I succumbed to a cadburys twirl however have eaten lean meat and vegetables on my return and not ran to the biscuit barrel for any additional sweet treats. I’m up to 140 squats on the squat challenge therefore must be doing something right.

The Sazzle choccie challenge may have gone out the window however I’m understanding more about the whole ins and outs of refined sugar, food emotions and changing your food to suit your body’s needs. The blogs I keep myself updated with are inspiring and makes me even more determined to look after myself and tone up. This in itself will help my medication as well as enhancing my mood.

For me healthy eating is not about losing weight it’s the maintaining a healthy lifestyle that’s more important so thank you all for keeping me going.

To conclude today’s post. Music is a powerful tool. Downloading a variety of tunes onto your IPod and having a boogie releases tension and makes you see that life is to be lived. It’s all about having fun and radiating that light to others. Sometimes you can’t be happy unless you have been unhappy. By being unhappy gives you the chance to change it sooner rather than later.

Everyone has down days however it’s all about how you approach a situation can determine how you move forward. It’s all about finding a balance and understanding that life is all about that balance. Without that balance life would either be boring or extremely fake. Be true to you and always remember there’s only one of you. No one else even comes close.


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