Relaxation = Stronger person?

“Take care of your body, then the rest will automatically get stronger”- Chuang Tzu

Your body is a vital tool and you must and I repeat must listen to it when you’re feeling low. This quote says it all.

Usually it’s my shakes that tell my body that rest is required. To have a healthy mind can have such a feel good factor on your body therefore eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep, having regular nightly baths with your favourite bubble bath or just watching a good film can wind you down and ensure that you’re feeling relaxed.

With me it’s all about getting the exercise completed when I get in, making the evening meal and before then doing a couple of chores, writing my blog and winding down for the evening. Usually my routine is the same however apart from the shakes making a nightly appearance I usually have a decent night sleep.

Over the years it’s been extremely hard to relax.

When you suffer from Epilepsy medication plays a major role in your life and to relax isn’t the easiest thing. Medication can heighten your senses thus making you more alert and disrupting your daily pattern. When I first started taking medication I couldn’t shut off. I didn’t know how to. When I was younger I noticed that my sleep was disrupted because of my medication. I was never a light sleeper so to have a new drug causing problems wasn’t something I enjoyed.

It took a while to find that happy medium when my medication was involved. My neurologist helped by advising me various relaxation techniques and providing me with a relaxation VHS (back in the good old days) to watch to try and calm down.

The motto I’ve always tried to adhere to is go to work, get your jobs done and then relax. Not having that required me time can wear you down and burn you out. I appreciate it may sound easier than it looks coming from a person who doesn’t have kids and doesn’t have an irregular shift pattern however I do advise that everyone has that moment of rest.

As most of you are aware stress in your life can be a good thing however too much of it can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Stress is probably one of the biggest contributors in people’s lives. People put undue stress onto themselves and looking back I’ve done plenty of that.

There’s been many a time when I was younger where I’d stress out over the simplest of things. In doing so this would result in me either getting angry, panicking or on the one occasion was having a seizure before waking up lying on bedroom floor. By being organised this enables you to focus on your day and prevent any un-necessary stress.

My parents believe that I think too deeply and get myself engrossed in problems that don’t involve me. I have had a tendency over the years to worry about everyone and everything. In doing so this forced my mind to constantly be on panic mode. I never relaxed I just went hell for leather with everything. I didn’t listen to my body I just did what I wanted.

My parents have tried for over twenty years to promote relaxation to me. They’ve encouraged me to relax and it’s only over the past year that I’m starting to listen and to realise that having that time is good for the body and soul. I’d advise you all do the same thing.

A question for you all what is your stress reliever? Is it exercising or reading a good book? Is it watching TV or spending time with the kids colouring in or dancing to your favourite tune?

The two biggest stress relievers for me is either shopping or watching my DVD collection in bed with a bar of chocolate and a cup of coffee. The majority of people would love nothing more than to chill out in bed, resting and doing bugger all.

Me I’m a big fan of having my bedtime moments and doing sweet F A however all in moderation. Shopping on the other hand are some people’s worst nightmare. The idea of pushing, shoving, scrolling through reams of clothes to not find your size or the idea of waiting for about 10 minutes in a changing room queue puts people off. They’re in and they’re out. Me on the other hand I love shopping.

The idea of buying a new makeup range, a new handbag or a pair of shoes to kick start the summer makes me get all excited. It’s just a shame that my bank balance didn’t love my shopping craze as much as I do otherwise I’d have clothes coming out of my ears. I couldn’t go back into debt for clothes however I will spend what I can on getting my little monthly treats.

Oh what a difference a few days make. Words can’t describe what the past five days have been like. As you are all aware I’ve had the chicken pox and have felt more like a liability than a patient.

I’ve taken everyone’s advice and have rested however have been bored shitless. When I was diagnosed on Thursday I felt like a right burke however have come to terms with the fact that I’m recovering from it. I’m not feeling as rubbish as I was feeling a few days ago and to be honest I’m ready to get back to work.

Out of fear that I’d spread the pox further I’ve stayed away from some of my relatives, work colleagues and tried to refrain making contact with anyone other than my husband and the cat. The furthest I’ve travelled is to the local newsagent round the corner to keep myself updated with the daily news and showbiz gossip.

Apart from that the days have consisted of watching repeats of Maury, Jeremy Kyle, Dickinson’s Real Deal and any other rubbish that miraculously pops onto the TV. I’m quite a fan of Maury however too much has frazzled my brain. I don’t think anyone’s watched more DNA testing on various sky channels than I have lately.

I’m so close to jumping through the screen onto Maury’s stage and saying “It’s me, I’m the father!” even though that’s physically impossible because I’m a woman.

To think whilst I was at school all I ever dreamt about was running home to catch up with daytime TV. Oh how I’m pleased I never bothered because it’s absolute dross.

The symptoms I’ve had over the past few days have been relatively mild compared to stories I’ve read about adult chicken pox and thanks to my antihistamines I think it could have been far worse. The nurse on Thursday was rather concerned that the chicken pox may have an adverse effect on my medication along with advising me that I may be more susceptible to seizures/shaky bouts. Either way I knew that warning was coming from her so braced myself for the worst.

Although the pox hasn’t hit me as bad as I’d anticipated I’ve still had my fair share of symptoms including mild aches, pains, headaches, tiredness and itching however it hasn’t stopped my fingers from typing and sure as hell hasn’t shut my mouth up. I’ve phoned my parents about eight times a day. I think I’ve got to know more about my parents in the past five days than I have in twenty seven years.

The upshot of having chicken pox is that my husband is keeping my mug topped up with hot beverages and putting his hand in his pocket to buy me the occasional magazine. Bless him.

Anyhow things are looking up, I’m scheduled for a quick glance over tomorrow to see if I’m fit for work before the week ends and then my usual routine will continue as normal. I never thought I’d say this but I’ve missed my routine.

Isn’t it strange how you wish the weekend to be here to relax however when a spanners thrown in the works you just want to get back to normal? I’ve got my fingers crossed that come tomorrow my doctor will tell me that I’m getting better, that I can return to work and can get back on the old squat challenge because I’ve missed it. I’ve missed having that banter with my twitter pals about how my thighs are pounding.

To conclude today’s post. What hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow. Remember you must take time to relax. Your body is telling you that you need to look after yourself as your body is one of your biggest assets. If you aren’t strong then how can you be strong for others? Taking time out for you is crucial therefore slot that time in your diary or as an alarm on your mobile phone.

If you can give yourself that hour for you and do something that provides you with comfort and relaxation then do it because life’s too important to not.


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