Forget the shakes.. Guess what I’ve got?

The question is in the title of this evening’s post and there can only be one answer. Chicken pox.

You all thought I was going to say the trots right? Wrong. It’s chicken pox all the way. Unfortunately my gut instinct was right and I was informed today by medical staff that I have this itchy nastiness that is making me want to scratch like Baloo from the Jungle Book.

Before going into the whole Pox story let’s rattle off a quote of the day:

“Patience will achieve more than force”- Edmund Burke

And I needed some of that today. For years I was a worrier. A worrier in remission let’s say. A person who’s coming to terms with the fact that her seizures are stable however her shakes are making more of an appearance. Let’s just say I’m an individual who’s finding her feet. No one’s perfect. What upsets one person doesn’t with another.

When I was younger I looked at life in an entirely different way. I looked at having a big house with children, flash cars, fabulous wardrobe, living a comfortable lifestyle and being a lady to come and go was the in thing. Looking back would I want the same things that I did back then? Probably not because you never know what’s round the corner. For me my parents instilled a work ethic into me and whatever circumstance should arise that working will provide you with the pennies you need to get by, personality demonstrates your inner self and humour makes the world go round.

In my eyes being someone with a condition makes me want to progress. Patience is a virtue.

I have accepted that there’s limitations to what I can do however as long as I achieve what I can, can provide for my family without relying on others and do it with a smile on my face then I will know I’m walking in the right direction. I have never been one to rely solely on others. Times are hard and I try my utmost to not let my condition stop me from sticking to those choices. I accept people’s advice however draw my own conclusion. Acknowledging that I was Epileptic took many years to accept, the remainder wasn’t as bad.

When life throws you a challenge what must we do? Run or stand up to it? You can’t do everything at once however the more you believe in yourself the better you’ll be in the long run.

Yesterday evening whilst changing from my work into my laze about clothes my husband noticed spots on my back. Initially I thought I may have been bitten however there must have been a swarm of creepy crawlies because my back and neck were bit. Fortunately my back isn’t covered however I knew immediately that there was something wrong. The emergency case of cream came out to prevent any further scratching and that was me done for the night. I slept like a baby and was ready for work.

To my surprise more had appeared and the blebs were getting sore.

I was a tad concerned therefore took a picture of my spots and forwarded it to my mother for advice. In my eyes family are best, they seem to know everything. It’s highly likely that my parents are bluffing, if they are they are pretty good bluffers and have convinced me. Mind you anything convinces me.

My mother made it her priority to embarrass me further by showing her entire office my spotty areas before saying

“Oh dear”

This wasn’t a good sign.

“Darling I think you have chicken pox. The girls seem to think it is and I can’t recall you ever having it when you were younger. You had measles but not chicken pox”

Great. That’s all I needed. The shakes are something I can contend with and cope relatively well with however chicken pox are you kidding me? I associate chicken pox with children not with a 27 year old. This wasn’t great. After careful deliberation and numerous picture taking we all drew the same conclusion. It could be chicken pox.

Why of all day’s did I have to catch chicken pox? I had work to do, people to see and exercise to complete. As I was unable to go into work out of fearing I would contaminate the office I decided it was best to go to my local walk in centre for a check up. I would require a diagnosis not only for my own peace of mind but to inform work of.

Funnily enough ever since I started working at 17 I have never had a sick note. I have never been absent from work for more than 48 hours. Unless I’m either debilitated or not fit for purpose then I don’t believe going on the sick is an incentive for taking time off. You’re paid to work.

To me being off on the sick unnecessarily makes a mockery of the people who are genuinely unwell and feeling low. I never know when the next episode is coming therefore I try to remain fit and healthy and try to plod on the best I can.

So off I went grabbing a taxi to the walk in centre to be checked over by a nurse. After giving my details I sat down and waited and waited and waited some more. What made it worse was that there was a vending machine full of goodies beside me. Two hours, two disgusting machine coffees, a packet of snack a jacks and a alpen bar later I went into the surgery room to be told what my mother was quick to laugh at earlier on. I’m supposed to be cured not spend £2 on treats!

I have chicken pox and have an incubation period of at least 5 days. As I’ve never been infected by the virus before I have to stay indoors, take ibuprofen, rest up and try and remain calm until the blebs scab. I’ve been told that in adults the virus is worse and can change on a daily basis. The nurse gave me a pamphlet about chicken pox and shingles as I complained about a pain around my chest earlier last night. Damn it. I’m feeling ok and I have chicken pox! Never mind.

I returned home magazine and sandwich in hand before lying down for a snooze. After a ninety minute cat nap I woke to scratchy sores and a headache. The fever is yet to kick in therefore I listened to the nurses orders and took some ibuprofen to cure the headache before slapping some camoline lotion on my back and tuning in to the afternoon repeat of Jezza Kyle.

What on earth am I going to do for five days? How much daytime TV can I watch? What’s made it worse is that my dad and I’s Saturday ritual is knocked on the head as Dad hasn’t had the pox before.

One word to sum up my day. Miffed. To warn you in advance depending upon how I feel will determine when I write my blog so please bare with me. The plus side is that we can all laugh about it for the time being.

The squat challenge has been knocked well and truly on the head until the virus has cleared. There’s the possibility that I could have a spotty arse to match my spotty neck. One thing’s for certain at least I’ll have spots on a toned ass!

To conclude today’s post. Patience is a blessing. I know at times it’s extremely hard to keep your cool however we must persevere. There’s a saying given by Alexander Woollcott that is:

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day”

The way life goes changes day by day. We have days that are good, bad and indifferent. Whatever comes your way look at it, summarise it and move on. We cannot keep on living our lives in the past so we might as well live in the present and be patient in the process.


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