Wednesday smiles.

Good evening all, apologies the old blog post is late this evening.

Duties called and I had to do a post check up on the old father dearest. He’s tired but extremely chipper. Going round to see my dad and my stepmam is an absolute pleasure, their relationship is electric and the profanities that come out of our mouths is pretty priceless. Not ladylike but priceless.

It’s just the bond we have all have it’s so tongue and cheek. I’m pleased to inform you all that my dad’s getting better, looks great in himself and is actually doing some ironing for a change. I think the heart zapping has turned him feminine all of a sudden. Let’s hope he comes round to mine one day and does a bit for me after his dad duties are over.

Anyway let’s kick off this evening’s post with a quote.

“Improvement begins with I”- Arnold H Glasgow.

That it does. Improvement has to start with I as only you are the one who can change. You can get as much advice as you want however only you make the final decision. Everyone’s out to improve themselves one way or another. Whether it be the way you dress, the way you behave or the way you address a particular issue we are always out to improve ourselves.

Growing up with a condition such as Epilepsy I was always out to prove something or another. I am pleased to say that I was brought up with love, happiness and morales. Although situations arose in my life such as being diagnosed and parents splitting up I tried my best to carry on as though nothing had happened.

When I first started writing Sazzle’s blog I explained in detail the relationship I’ve got with my parents both now and growing up. It’s been a challenge and a half however my family unit isn’t like others.

I have parents who were never married, who never lived with each other, had me mid 1980’s in their early twenties, amicably split up four years later and remained best friends not just for my sake but for their own. My parents made the ultimate decision to put their child first and the day she was diagnosed with Epilepsy made them think harder than they ever did.

It was a time where my parents joined forces and never under any circumstance allow any past occurrences effect their daughter. To this day I am extremely grateful for the love and support they’ve given me along with my stepmam and grandparents who have offered me the same token.

Ask yourself this very question. Why are we always looking to improve ourselves? Is it to erase past negativity or is it to be the best that you can be right now? Me I’d like to think it’s to focus on your present. I’m all for wanting to help yourself. Sometimes I think we all put too much emphasis to be something we aren’t, to try and be normal however aren’t actually realising that who were are is being normal, the trying too hard is just a façade. An alter ego.

When I started taking my medication it literally scared the shit out of me. To think I had to take tablets on a daily basis to hopefully prevent a seizure coming along. The medication taking didn’t just effect me, it effected my family also because they felt that they had to constantly remind me as and when these tablets must be taken.

The looks on their faces everytime the topic “neurology” was discussed wasn’t pleasant and the numerous occasions where tears have been shed over me not feeling normal is quite hard to document. We have always remained strong as a family and is what I recommend everyone to do if possible. There’s no need to look back because the present is the here and now. A lot’s happened since then.

Today has been a headache free day. I’m trying not to jinks anything here by saying that however I have drank about 5 glasses of water and a glass of OJ- Best get my five a day. No chocolate was eaten today however a smidge of Victoria sponge was eaten. My breakfast choices were smart and made sense. Cereal, two cuppa’s (no sugar), a banana and an orange.

Lunchtime it was all about the veg (i.e. turnip, carrots and potatoes) and this evening was a homemade burger. All in all I’m full and content.. minus the guilt surrounding the Vicky sponge. I have eaten no chocolate today therefore am hoping that my mini sponge will be my tiny amount of sweet craving for the day.

At work they have decided to increase the price on the coffee machine. My mother and I both work in the same building so unfortunately I tend to bump into her from time to time.

That “bumping into her” moment usually consists of her looking up and down at the clothes I’m wearing, a hunt into my cooler bag to see what I’m having for lunch and a rake through my bag to see if I have any hand me down magazines for her to glance over once I’m done with them. My mam and I are partial to a nice cup of coffee, more so my mam than me. She drinks anything and is notorious for having a collection of coffee voucher cards for Starbucks, Café Nero, Costa and even Maccy D’s. The obsession is crazy!

Fortunately I don’t buy coffee from the shop and tend to purchase glossy magazines instead however have been informed that the coffee is going up to £1.05. Bloody 40p rise. Are they joking? Really? Who has that sort of cash?

From colleagues I hear the coffee is ok, my mother has been swayed and has fallen into the coffee trap of purchasing two a day. I hope this craze ends soon because she’s spending my inheritance on latte’s – I’m only kidding when I say that!

No shaky moments have arisen today however I did manage to spill a little coffee over my jeans which caused me to run into the loo’s to wash and dry my pants over a hand-dryer. The sight wasn’t pretty. Today I decided to opt for the laid back look. Baggier pants (I usually do bootcut or straight), a long black top and a bright red gilet. I looked like bloody Marty McFly (Aka Michael J Fox in Back to the future) I would have happily given that 80’s legend a run for his money today in my red jacket. Shame I couldn’t go back in time, nevermind it made me smile on a Wednesday.

The squat challenge is in full swing with me now on 75 per day. My thighs are getting there and are feeling like Sly Stallone’s biceps. It’s all good. My arse remains jiggly however I can see a slight difference. The laughter while squatting is immense. All I think about is letting out a ginormous fart as I’m squatting much to the dismay of my husband.

From the people I’ve spoken to the Squat challenge is becoming rather popular. All of us appear to think the same. What do we want? The answer is to have an arse like that woman in the picture. Come on! My motive is keep calm and squat on.

To conclude today’s post. Be strong. It’s mid week and that deserves a smile as we are only have two days left before the weekend. In the words of Jim Beggs:

“To find fulfilment.. don’t exist with life- embrace it!”

Keep those words in your head when you’re having an off day or things don’t go according to plan. You’re doing well and that definitely deserves a pat on the back!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday smiles.

  1. Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely excellent. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I can’t wait to read much more from you.
    This is actually a terrific web site.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I do try my best. After having a condition for twenty years I try to list my everyday thoughts, emotions and concerns. Sometimes it’s best to address these openly and honestly x

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