Shakes, jazz hands and the squat challenge.

The title above will be explained as you read on. The past 24 hours have been an absolute whirlwind, the majority of which has kept me on my toes. The quote of the day has to be:

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”- John Wooden.

The quote above is from Sports Quotes that makes me feel empowered and determined to push myself. The quote just written makes me count my blessings and gives me that power in my belly to want to be a better person and continue with the challenges ahead. This blog is about raising awareness about Epilepsy a condition I’ve had for three quarters of my lifetime along with other scenarios that may effect others.

The quote written by John Wooden gives out a clear message.

Although you have a condition try your utmost to not allow the worry to engulf your life. I know many may feel that it’s not as simple as that but if you look at yourself clearly you’ll see that it may not be as hard as you actually think. With a condition such as Epilepsy it does bring a multitude of problems; ones that I’ve experienced myself.

You may have an erray of tumbles, attacks and tests to identify the cause of your condition however your body is telling you that you are strong enough to cope and that although you dislike your condition your body is telling you that you are a brave, powerful person who is capable of so much more than what you think.

As I’ve mentioned many a time try to be the person you want to be. I sympathise at the fact that your condition may restrict you however there’s a saying out there that sums this up in a nutshell. If you don’t risk anything you risk even more. When I say that I mean not risking your home, job etc but I advise that by taking that jump, leaving the house and trying to leave those problems is a vital key to moving forward. It’s hard but trust me can be done in time if you want it to. Try not to allow other people to scrutinise your beliefs because nobody knows you like you do. Sod them all, they don’t know what you go through.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be off work relaxing, spending time with my other half, seeing family and friends and just taking that time out for me. Apart from spending nearly all my free cash on clothes and nights away my time off has been rewarding and satisfying. It’s made me see that we all need that me time and that life is worth more than upset, anxiety and worries about my condition.

This morning was all about the shakes. No Maury was on this morning to take my mind off them however I did manage to focus my attention on watching Daybreak instead. Now I’m not a big fan of Daybreak, it’s an updated version of GMTV and to be honest it has never been my cup of tea from day one. Although I say this I do feel the urge to put it on and make myself extremely miserable by catching up on today’s news (which is never positive) and the weather which is equally as bad. Yet again I had to hear that it would be bloody freezing and that my vest top wasn’t going to be making an appearance.

After about thirty minutes the shakes subsided I lay in bed whinging and feeling sorry for myself. I took to twitter to send my morning tweets before doing a little exercise, taking my usual medication dosage and jumping in the shower. Thank god for one of my very good twitter friend’s motivating me this morning otherwise I’d still be there, in my scratcher whinging! After feeling much better the hubby made me some cereal before saying:

“Do you want go shopping?”

Daft question. Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course it does therefore I got my coat, handbag and made a swift exit before the cat noticed. The shakes this morning weren’t as bad as normal. The shakes today were relatively light.

Although coffee was spilled all over my night top I did notice one thing.. Slimmer arms! Is it the weight’s I’ve been using or are my shakes partly to blame? If it is my shakes then I’ve scored. Although there’s an element of seriousness when documenting my shakes there’s this part of me now who’s now comfortable with them therefore I just shake it off. That was an incredible bad pun.

The shopping went remarkably well however my bank balance is dwindling. Every time I take my debit card out of my purse my card starts shouting “Don’t fucking spend anymore! Put me back where I belong” Oh dear. I bought a pair of converse. My card and I aren’t friends at the moment.

My other half contributed a little towards my beautiful gleaming pair of converse so they didn’t cost me as much as I’d anticipated however like my jacket they winked at me and before I knew it they were mine. The converse look spiffing and I’m overjoyed with them. They actually make my syjoe bob feet look normal.

I think I’ve eaten healthy today. Shreddies, two cups of coffee (well one and a half because of the shaky spill), a small bowl of tomato and basil soup with a ham sandwich, three glasses of water and no chocolate! My husband walked past the sweet shop to my dismay.

Whilst talking to the cashier I was swayed by something I haven’t eaten for years. Flumps! For those who have never had the opportunity to have these they are basically just large marshmallows.

Flumps are one of the nicest sweets ever. What I have noticed about flumps is that they stick to the roof of your mouth and if you are childish enough (which I have a tendency to be) I get them and try and push them between my teeth. What an awful sight. I bought three large flumps and ate them with a massive grin on my face. I was like a kid in a sweet shop.. literally.

After raising the question about flumps being fattening I have been told they aren’t as bad as chocolate. This comment has made my day. I intend to not go “flump mad” however feel that this may enable me to complete Sazzle’s choccie challenge without veering off course. This could be the golden ticket I’ve been searching for. As a sugar addict I appreciate everything in moderation therefore I’m not going crazy. I will however have a couple on my travels.

After returning home from my shopping venture I decided it would be best to burn off my flumps and catch up and persevere with my Squat challenge. Yesterday whilst talking to one of my dearest twitter pals I came across the “Squat challenge”. Now I am one who loves a challenge particularly when toning my tush is discussed. The squat challenge is all about toning and getting the booty you’ve always craved. It looks a hell of a lot better than the “Brazilian butt” DVD’s advertised early morning on satellite TV.

My friend forwarded the challenge onto me where you start at 50 squats per day and increasing by five daily.

To my astonishment there was this rather perty arse staring right back at me with the amount of squats I must do to achieve this fabulous rear- For those who are wondering what this is it’s on my twitter picture timeline.

Within minutes I envisaged myself as Saz Fonda (replacing Jane Fonda) standing there 80’s tunes in the background dressed in a lycra jumpsuit, headband, wrist bands and legwarmers not sweating profusely but perspiring like a lady would. Hadaway! Me a lady you’re joking right? That was it. Sold. I’m doing it. I’m on day two and have completed my 55 squats for the day.

To top of today my other half has revealed that this evening he’s treating me to a night at the Jazz Café in Newcastle. No money will be spent by me however I am going to be treat to a small glass of vino and a little bit of sultry jazz. I’m a lover of all music so the idea of sitting in my husband’s company with jazz playing in the background is like music to my ears. I’m just hoping that I don’t turn into a raving loon and start doing Jazz hands in front of the paying customers. Fingers crossed. Either way I’m predicting that It’ll be an eventful evening.

So that’s it my 24 hours. To conclude today’s post. Get your arse out and do the squat challenge, you never know what you can achieve. On a more serious note Epilepsy is a condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly by others. We should however ensure that our lives aren’t put on hold. Embrace what you have.

A quote I read this morning by Edwin Elliot made me proud to say I am who I am. By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. Look at yourself in that context. We all make mistakes, have problems and want more however by being satisfied with your lot means more than money or fame. It’s showing that you have recognised what you have and how far you have come.


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