Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Today would be the last day where my hair would look like the back of a hen’s arse.

A quick blog this evening (I say quick it’s a little less lengthy as the last) as I’m getting ready to pack for my mini overnight stay up North with my other half. Nothing fancy just an overnight stay at Lyndhurst hall all courtesy of my father, stepmother and a little friend called Groupon. For all those who have never had the pleasure of using Groupon then please do.

If you are based in the UK and have access to the internet then please register against your chosen area. You get all sorts. The family and I have been to mini breaks away, meals out and the occasional pamper day. Overall it’s the whole kit and caboodle. You save a mini fortune and the laughs are guaranteed I’m sure.

What a day! Hair cut day! The hen’s arse has officially gone. Now I look like a spring chicken! Before I get into the whole hair story let’s fill you in with the quote of the day:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”- Robert Collier

People believe success defines them however I think mini achievements outweigh large successes. Look at it like this whether it be a seizure free day or a healthy eating day we can learn something new about ourselves if we put our minds to it. Life is like a lucky bag.

When it comes to my condition I never quite know what I’m gonna grab however when it comes to my determination I always attempt to keep my chin up and smile. I have quit many things in my time however that isn’t an option anymore. I try to keep my spirits up by bopping to my favourite tunes, reading a new book or jotting down my thoughts in my blog posts.

My interpretation of the quote is this. You may feel that your trying is solely a small effort however if you put that effort into practise repeatedly then you will see results. Whether it be getting up on a morning with a purpose, whether it be choosing something new to wear, eating healthier or whether it be a new outlook on your medication taking you will see in good time that the challenge was worth it. You will see the difference in yourself and should be proud of what you are achieving.

My life has consisted of medication and concerns about the condition I have. At times that thought pattern can get quite monotonous and mind numbing however there comes a point where you have to try and break free from it and continue with your day like everyone else. Failure to do this can cloud your judgement entirely and make you go into the shell you have tried so hard to break free from.

Today was rather amusing. Bring on the haircut.

I have been to some hairdressers in my time however repeatedly return to my all time favourite hairdresser who cuts my hair just the way I like it short, layered and full of blonde highlights. When I call the salon all I have to do is say ” Cut, blowdry and a half head of foils” and they know who I am immediately. My name’s logged in the diary about 3 months in advance along with a day off to unwind.

I get my hair done once every three months and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. People may frown at the idea of me paying £95 every three months for the privilege however I don’t smoke or drink therefore think to hell with it it’s my treat! When children come along I know that’s me changing my lifestyle entirely, in the meantime needs must.

From the moment I enter I’m welcomed with cuppa after cuppa of milky coffee, and the occasional cup of milky tea no sugar. The no sugar thing really is killing me. Sweetener doesn’t taste the same and two measly sections of chocolate doesn’t stretch far therefore I opted for my ham salad sandwich that filled a whole however wasn’t entirely satisfying.

The sandwich was as dry as sticks and made me have that awful filming on the roof of my mouth. Never again. It’s such a shame I cannot have a ham & pease pudding sandwich however know they are extremely calorific. Today’s ham concoction was like chewing on cardboard, thank god for the coffee.

What is it with sandwiches? Some of them are the size of Godzilla’s foot. A footlong. That just sounds rude to me. I wish I made my own. The majority of sandwiches from food chains are either laden with mayo or smothered in full fat butter. There’s no happy medium. What’s your favourite sandwich? Do you have a preference? Me I’m partial to an egg mayo however it’s high in fat and smells uncanny later.. That’s a whole new story altogether.

Anyway back to the salon..

Before I knew it the cuppa was in hand and the foils were on my head. I looked like a mini version of Medusa minus the snakes. Me I was Saz the tin foiled lady looking a plight and hoping that lightning didn’t strike the salon and electrocute me there and then.

All I was thinking about was the end result and it looked blooming marvellous when it was done, I felt like a new woman. No old boring hen’s arse. I had a sleek barnet and was feeling mighty fine. The only downside is the price. Every time my hairdresser says “Saz £95 today please” my stomach goes to knots and a new pair of jeans and jacket flashes before my eyes for the same price.

My heads screaming no whilst my hand’s handing over the card because I know I’m skint for the rest of the month. I’ve tried my best to sacrifice my hair however like Samson it’s my thing. I cannot do without a good cut. The hair was officially gone and I was over the moon. The new look was taking shape. New glasses, new hair, a not so smiley face against my bank balance. Everything’s going well minus the bank balance.

The food cravings have been killing me all day however I’ve remained strong willed and stayed away from the sweetie cupboard at my grandmothers. The discussion surrounding the government’s rules and regulations were getting to my gran therefore that was my que to give her a cuddle and change the subject. She made a tasty roast (no mash or Yorkshires just boiled potatoes and veg) and gave me a lecture about being sensible with cash- baring in mind I’d just spent £95 on my hair. I kept what she was saying in mind till 30th July when I get my hair done again.

My day has been full of excitement. It’s been a day of happiness and a one that has given me a new lease of life for the past ten hours. To conclude today’s post. Treat yourself and start thinking of you for a change. Whether that be buying yourself a new top, treating yourself to a new hairdo or just going for a mini day out we all need to have something to look forward to.

Me I’ve decided today that rest plays a contributory factor towards my overall wellbeing. Everyone has a busy life whether that be caring for children, working full time, caring for a disabled relative or just getting odd jobs done. Sometimes we need to sit down, evaluate and have some time for ourselves. You owe it to you to save that little time to focus on number one.


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