It’s all about the chocolates.

Happy Easter everyone. The festivities are well underway and I thought I would get this post complete before the husband and I have a jaunt to the local pub for a Guinness. The past 24 hours have been a mixed bag of laughs, laughs and more laughs.

Before we go any further I have to rattle off another motivational quote that I read this morning:

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret”- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Well said Jackie.

This Easter got me thinking about looking back and the regrets one faced whilst growing up. We all have a past a lot we wish to forget. There is a good few acquaintances over the years who have said “In my life I’ve had no regrets”

Immediately the response in my head is really? Are you joking or are you in denial? It’s not for me to comment however seems rather strange to me. Each to their own.

Me I believe everyone has at least one regret or something they would be inclined to change. Me I have a plethora of them however look at my choices and put them down to age, experience and stupidity. Either or what’s done is done and cannot be overturned. My regrets aren’t one that has caused a great deal of distress on my family however are ones that have been associated with my condition and the worries that entered my mind as the years progressed.

When the topic of looking back is discussed it fills me with pleasure and dread all in one. The pleasure side is the growing up along with the joking with friends and family. There’s also the momentous occasions such as simple Christmases where you didn’t have a care in the world and the joys of the tooth fairy bringing you a £1 however ignoring the fact that she was supposedly oblivious to the fact that you’d just yanked half of your wobbly baby teeth out to pocket the cash. Those occasions make me smile.

The downside being was that I have been known to worry too much particularly when my condition was involved, the fear of the unknown and the problematic friends I’ve had to cope with over the years that I’ve allowed to upset me and make me question my own role as a friend. Overall the one question you have to ask yourself. What is best for you now? Should we continue to look back or march firmly forward onto another chapter of our life?

To me Epilepsy is all about looking forward.

Many may question that statement as this blog is about taking a detour back into my past and focusing on the changes made. I choose to look at the changes I’ve made and put this down to the advice given by friends, family, discussion forums, twitter buddies and the medical profession. Having a condition such as ours takes a hell of a long time to accept therefore we might as well look to the now and accept that you are doing all you can with what you’ve got.

Getting onto yesterday evening’s scandalous moment.

After watching a couple of TV programmes taped on my satellite box I decided it would be best to kick Easter off to a flying start by applying my Avon gradual tanner in Medium. Should any of you have not applied gradual tanner let me explain how it works. It’s all about the tan you desire therefore you apply everyday (preferably before bed) and allow your tan to develop overnight. Me I can only describe tanner as smelling like smelly biscuits. It’s an off smell.

Now before we go any further I must make you aware that I’m very pale with blonde hair. My mother usually calls me pastey and tells me that “A bit of colour” definitely makes me look more alive. Cheers mother.

It wasn’t a complete disaster but the result was noticeable. Let me explain further…

Anyhow I applied the tan, went to bed and woke up the following morning with the enthusiasm that I would wake up looking positively glowing. Instead I looked like a Dalmatian puppy. Instead of the black and white spots I had orange and white spots. Although the tan wasn’t as heavy as your usual full fake tanners it made me look like I had been sprayed by a car going through a dirty puddle. Considering I had only applied tan to my arms, neck and stomach I had made a right hash of my application.

Part of me questioned why on earth I put fake tan on anyway. I always make an absolute balls of it and always use the wrong lighting. I looked in the full length mirror before saying “Eeeee” rather loudly at myself. Come on! Part of me wanted to shout “Fuckity shit bollocks and hell look at the plight of me” however refrained as my husband was still asleep next door.

Can a girl not get a pre Easter tan? Can she not look like she’s had a mini break in the Bahamas. Of course not. We have had no bloody Easter so I need to look like I have something.

Mind you it’s me we are talking about here. I should have realised not to trust my shaky self to apply gradual tanner. My husband was the first one to pop fun at me before my mam intervened after noticing the orange/white gaps in between my fingers.

My pal’s make me laugh particularly when I’ve applied tan in the past. The usual questions are “Are you going to get a tan done before you go out?” You’re joking aren’t you I’ve already got some on..


“What’s that long streak down the back of your neck? Who applied that?” Cheeky buggers!

Mind you it is rather comical and creases me up laughing.

Today the diet has gone out the window. The actual food has been healthy however The Sazzle choccie challenge has been decimated and will resume properly tomorrow. This morning started well with a bowl of porridge, cup of coffee and fresh orange however as the day continued a crème egg appeared before a full size Thornton’s chocolate egg with a further two hot drinks. My 1kg egg got a hammering too. Oh dear. This isn’t good. To hell with it, I’m having it.

One of my followers today said that chocolate over the Easter period should count as part of your 5 a day. So true, that made me chuckle.

Chocolate should be made compulsory over Easter. It’s a must and cannot be resisted. Either way I will be back on track tomorrow as my other half has kindly ate the rest.

To conclude today’s post. Everyone has regrets, everyone has heartache however if you were to calculate the fors and against’s in your life you’ll probably realise that you have more to live for than what you think. Keep thinking to yourself that life’s all about focusing on the good points not the bad ones. That’s the only way we can move forward.

We all try to remain on the straight and narrow however when Easter’s concerned the majority do fall off the bandwagon and that’s ok. As it’s a celebration why not have an Easter egg or a little treat? Fair enough we may deviate off course slightly however as long as we know that we will return to our healthy ways tomorrow then why not? Chocolate at Easter would be like not having your favourite meal on Christmas day/thanksgiving (for all my American followers).

Remember folks keep smiling. Remember Easter only comes round once a year so make the most of it. Make the most of any time off you have and share this with the people closest to you. The sun is shining today which can only mean one thing; things are looking up.


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