Shaking, random facts and Good Friday’s

A long post tonight chaps and chapesses!

“Although the world is full of suffering it is also full of the overcoming of it”- Helen Keller.

Happy good Friday to you all. For those who are have been fortunate to get a day off work then hope you’re having a relaxing day, as for the rest you poor buggers hope you have a relaxing time when you return home. Like Christmas Easter is a time of celebration in which our families congregate together to eat, drink and be merry.

In my case it’s trying to eat healthily and being merry as I only have the odd tipple. There’s also the matter of the clocks going forward and your sleeping pattern being thrown right out of the window.

Good Friday’s for me usually consist of relaxing, watching DVD’s and having a very large portion of fish and chips from our local chip shop. The craze of eating fish and chips on a Good Friday is a funny one. The majority of the nation (unless they are vegetarians or vegans) decide to give up meat for this holy day and opt for fried fish and chips instead. Even people who don’t believe in God tend to follow.

What is all the fuss about? People have this fascination with fish & chips on a Good Friday. People are prepared to queue for up to an hour in the freezing cold for this fried bag of heaven. Why do we all do it? My local chippy is clapping it’s hands with glee at the idea of the entire community paying a decent amount of cash for his meals, the servers however are counting down the hours till home time so they can grab their free bag of chips and relax with a bottle (or two) of wine. So they should they deserve it.

Overall it’s usually a relaxing and bloating day. Me I decided to watch from the sidelines while my husband had a large portion of fish, chips and a large white buttered bun. I opted for a little fried fish however decided to not go the whole hog because I was trying to stick to my healthy eating regime. I replaced my chocolate intake with my mini fish and have eaten healthy for the remainder of the day.

Before going off into a tangent again I will refer back to the quote written at the beginning of this evening’s post.

Suffering is a thing that we all experience in our lives. Whether it be the death of a loved one, the loss of a job/home or coming to terms with a condition you have ranks highly with the majority of other scenarios that suffering entails. Recently the family have had a lot of health worries that have caused suffering however we are all on the mend and getting better.

Suffering is an awful burden to bare however although suffering can be perceived as a horrendous prospect it can make us appreciate what we have and kick us into gear. We must all focus on what’s most important our health and wellbeing. Nothing is worth jeopardising your health. Trust me I know.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Four years ago my dad had a heart attack that scared me immensely. My parents usually have a clean bill of health with neither of them being hospitalised in my lifetime.

As you all well know my parents mean the world to me and the idea of either of them being unwell sends me into full blown caring mode because I am an only child.

Returning back from holiday with my stepmam my father had a mini heart attack and was taken into hospital. I was contacted immediately by my stepmother before racing over to see him cup of tea in hand. To see my dad being drugged up to the eyeballs on all sorts forced me to breakdown and question why he was there. Although my dad is partial to a bottle of red wine and the occasional sausage sarnie no one ever envisaged that this would happen to him. He was a sportsman, a professional golfer and a loving husband/father.

A few days following that incident I asked my dad the usual questions my parents usually ask me. Like I do with my condition I turned into Analytical Saz as I would do when I have my own Epileptic episodes.

Questions included were you worrying about something? What do you think caused it? Retrack your steps. My dad although he will never admit it is quite a nervous person. As we share an extremely close bond a part of me thought was my dad suffering from anxiety hence the episode or was the heart attack going to come regardless? Who knows.

I was the only one who had ever been ushered into hospital not my dad. I was the one on long-term medication not him. Surely if one of us was unwell then that was enough. Why him? My dad has been on medication ever since and in just over a week’s time my dad has to go for an angiogram to determine what makes him have such a dicky heart. Like my shakes he has a tendency of going into “dicky heart syndrome” on occasion without any real warning. Let’s just say we make a right pair!

My dad and I have this unique bond that cannot be broken. My dad can see the worry in my face everytime this surgical procedure is discussed and we are both trying to remain positive. As I explained last night life is what it is, it’s too short to worry. Part of me questions whether this subconscious worry has contributed towards my shakes recently. This morning like many other mornings the shakes came along with the headaches.

I woke up insanely early this morning to a migraine and a shaky bout. The coffee was hovering above my lips and I was trying my level best to remain focused whilst watching American based talkshow host Maury Provich on TV. For those who have never had the pleasure of watching Maury I’ll sum it up in a nutshell. Each episode usually lasts an hour and can be watched on UK Living.

Maury’s a canny old American soul, he’s in his early sixties, gets the story he needs before calming people down who have run off the stage after being told that their story isn’t entirely true. Like Jeremy Kyle his speciality is paternity and lie detector testing all of which grab my attention usually on a Saturday morning before I go out with my dad. If you haven’t seen it, watch it it’s shocking but so funny.

The shakes went relatively quickly, I knew I was back to my normal self after responding angrily to an episode where Maury had carried out a paternity test on 30 men and neither were the father. The words “You slag” just came from nowwhere and that was me back to my good old self. Oh dear that wasn’t very nice was it?

The entertainment value is second to none however part of me thinks this show is all fake. Do these people not have an ounce of common sense? Who’s worse them for going on TV airing their dirty laundry or me continuing to watch? As the presenter would say out of Big Brother “You decide”

After a mini rest and a cuppa exercise took centre stage before a quick shower and a camomile tea. Don’t get me started on the camomile tea. It’s better than green but still bloody rotten. Shame I couldn’t put any milk in it.

The shakes are something that don’t half get on my wick however as mentioned repeatedly in my posts life must go on. Fight another fight, live through another battle and show the world that you will not be defeated.

The motivation is slowly returning and I now have 10 days off work to turn into not only a domestic goddess but a lean mean toned grilling machine. The relaxing may come naturally however pigs may fly at the prospect of me turning into a domestic goddess. A grazed sheep would better suit me or something that sleeps a lot..

Yesterday evening I received a tweet with a couple of my followers. Before discussing numerous topics the girls and I were were set the challenge of listing 25 random facts about ourselves. I’ve aired my condition on here so I might as well list other boring statistics. Apologies in advance for boring the tits off you all.

1) I have flat feet. Many of my relatives/friends refer to me as duck foot, plates of meat feet or the best of all Side Joe Bob out of the Simpsons all courtesy of my uncle and my then 8 year old cousin who were both creased up after saying my feet resembled that of a Simpson’s character

2) I only occasionally drink. Cannot drink like a fish because of my meds. Either way I can talk a hind legs off a donkey

3) I call my grand-dad Shoops. My family wanted me so desperately to say Grandpa however it came out all wrong. The name stuck and for short was abbreviated into Shoops. Miss him everyday

4) I can eat men’s size portions. For such a little lady I get into a habit of over eating before then whinging that my thighs are too big following this gargantuan meal

5) I’m petrified of geese. I’ve been hissed at a few times by a goose, one when I had a prawn sarnie pinched out of my hands. They have scared me ever since

6) Although I try to ooze confidence I can be an extremely nervous person.

7) I have a very itchy throat (nothing rude) so have a tendency of clicking my throat whilst pulling my face like a lizard (you really have to be there to see it)

8)I’ve thrown myself down a good few stairs- The majority Epilepsy related of course. The remainder is down to sheer clumsiness

9) Every week I gamble on the football. Nothing major however am now onto my 206th loss. Best quit while I’m ahead

10) As a youngster I was extremely bossy however very organised. I’ve never tried smoking out of fear that my dad would stick my head in a coal fire or make me smoke 20 cigarettes in one go. Still have that fear now… Not a bad thing

11) I adore animals however are extremely nervous around them. I have an animal however have skin allergies. No flare ups lately

12) Vintage clothing is my thing. The older the better

13) I prefer music well before my time, anything with a beat. The majority of today’s music is absolute drivel

14) When I’m on form I can take the piss out of myself and quite well. Nothing’s better than laughing at yourself particularly when you’re feeling down

15) My favourite drink is Guinness. I once drank 8 pints to get a Guinness hat!

16) I adore History. The tudors/Victorian’s were my favourite times of history. Was overjoyed when the Tudors DVD boxset came out. Hot men alert! Period dramas are a must too.

17) My dad thinks I’m psychic as I usually sense things before they happen. Shame I cannot sense when a seizure/shaky bouts coming eh?

18) I am a disgusting human being. Love watching anything gory such as ingrown hairs being pulled out or boils being lanced. The grimmer the better

19) My first single was Do the Bartman by Bart Simpson.. On vinyl.

20) My favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption. Cry like a baby

21) I wake up at 5am every Christmas morning to open my presents. I’m a rather large child at heart

22) Gherkins scare me as do Olives. They smell funny and make me wince

23) My favourite flower is a cream rose. Reminds me so much of my wedding day, they were in my bouquet

24) I love to dance, usually make a complete prat of myself in the process

25) I’m a bit of a neat freak. Everything has to be done yesterday.

So there you have it. Twenty five useless facts about the artist formally known as Sazzle. To conclude today’s post. If you can take some time out for yourself. Think of what defines you and write your own random facts. Have your own identity. Accept what you were born with. If that’s Epilepsy then try and get on with one another because it could be here for the long haul.

As for any other issues accept that our past cannot be altered however we can all change if we dislike something so badly. Put you first and don’t be so hard on yourself. If you don’t achieve something then it wasn’t meant to be it must mean that you were destined for bigger things.


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