Purple purple everywhere.

March 26th 2013, two words. Purple day. And what a day it’s been.

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a very happy purple day. Today is a day where we are all united to share our Epilepsy to the world and to show everyone that we are united as one, that we are warriors and will continue to fight whatever situation comes our way. Epilepsy is more that seizures, strobe lights and medication. It’s a condition that affects millions of people across the world all of which cope with their condition in their own way.

Whether it be worry, side effects from medication or frequent attacks Epilepsy can be well known to make you feel very upset and disappointed in yourself on occasion. It can also be a condition that other people would take for granted.

I know in my instance I get no warnings when I have seizures so basic things like taking a bath alone or making my husband a surprise meal goes out the window because there’s always that possibility that I will have an attack and injure myself. The only thing I can make him is a bloody ham sandwich and a glass of juice for him coming home. He’s sick of eating them! Mind you when he is in a careful eye wanders into the kitchen to ensure I’m ok much to the dismay of my brain who wants him to leave me alone however knows he has my wellbeing at heart.

To me Purple day isn’t just about raising awareness and giving each other a pat on the back for what we have achieved. Purple day is about the world becoming unanimous in the one thing that they are passionate about. A condition they cannot control. A condition that can make you and break you at times. To me it’s defined me into the woman I am today. Purple day isn’t just about people who suffer from Epilepsy it’s about the people who allow us to have some normality in our lives. Those people are our families and friends.

Purple day is about standing tall with the families of those who have Epilepsy. It’s the sacrifices they make for Epilepsy that make me proud. Without those very people we may not be as appreciative as we are right now as they are the people that live our condition through them. People do this to show us their unconditional love and support. My parents did it for me and if I should ever be in the same predicament as them then I would do the same hands down.

Purple day is also about celebrating the lives of the people who unfortunately cannot be with us and for the many people who through charitable donations, fundraising events and just wearing that fabulous colour give us the hope that our condition year by year is finally being recognised.

Although being at work my twitter timeline has been swarmed with beautiful messages of encouragement to one another. Everywhere I’ve seen there’s been purple hearts, purple clothing and the occasional purple cake. For pete’s sake today I went purple overboard. It was subtle but apparent. The purple bag was out, the lilac top was on, my nails were painted purple to brighten my mood however it didn’t quite stop there.

My bathroom has never really stood out till today. Part of our bathroom is purple so from the moment I woke up this morning to freshen up all I saw was purple hand wash, purple hand towels and my good old manual purple toothbrush. Let’s just say my entire house would make any Epileptic proud, it should do I’ve had the condition for long enough!

A quote today that I think incorporates my day with the overall purple theme:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”- Robert Collier

That is exactly what this day represents. People wonder how we get the strength to carry on when the seizures get severe and the worrying becomes extreme. We find a way, every knock makes us stronger, a negative remark makes us wonder and the sense of togetherness makes us stand that little bit taller. We are all successful in one way or another.

Epilepsy is a condition that in earlier decades was a “hush hush” subject that very few wanted to bring to the spotlight. Again this boiled down to a lack of understanding.

Today support groups have become the crutch we need for that additional understanding. They are the people who are prepared to fight our corner and give us the push we need in order to accept ourselves and our condition. Since being diagnosed the support I have received from outside groups has been remarkable. Their attention to detail is second to none and their hearts are bigger than many I’ve ever known.

Anyhow the past couple of days have been quite relaxing. The house is filled with early Easter eggs and apart from the 1kg egg I received from my other half on Saturday at least one of the eggs has gone astray. I have to confess I wolfed it down late last night with a cup of tea whilst watching my DVD collection in bed. One word to describe my eating habit. Greed.

I didn’t really want it. It was tasty but nothing to write home about. I was eating the chocolate for eating it’s sake and I was annoyed at myself for giving into that tasty egg.

What I decided was that from today I would eat healthier and exercise like there was no tomorrow. This time I mean it I MUST EAT HEALTHY!! You are allowed the occasional mini egg not the entire bag! That’s my downfall. Sugar.. oh dear. Nevermind I have a plan. I’m gonna replace chocolate with a banana and a low fat yoghurt. Better for me.

Come this morning I was on course. My head was that sore I felt like it was gonna roll off my shoulders and down the stairs and I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed. I did however manage to get up, get sorted and go into work. I had my shreddies and a cup of coffee before duh duh duh.. My manager came in with a box of 6 crème eggs for us all as a Easter present to all her staff. The thought was there however my mind was working overload. Mmmm.. crème egg and a cuppa sounded rather delightful to me.

Double bollocks.. How on earth am I gonna get out of this one. My main cupboards consist of a purple egg, a smarties egg, about 15 crème eggs, 3 standard chocolate eggs and a plethora of rolo sweets. I know I’m a chocoholic however this is taking the biscuit.. literally.

How am I going to be healthy now? I cannot palm the chocolate off on my mother as she’s on weight watchers and I daren’t give them to my dad as the majority of his teeth aren’t his own. The cat prefers his whiskas cat treats and my husband is more of a savoury man. What’s a girl to do? What would you all recommend?

So there you have it. Yesterday was the usual Monday however today didn’t have brighten my spirits. Thankfully I’ve had no real medication concerns and my shaky bouts have remained relatively dormant for the time being. Work’s passing by and I’m counting down the hours till Thursday lunchtime before I’m off for 10 days to do what I do most. Relaxing, day trips and having some Saz time.

To conclude today’s post. Purple day. A day where we should all be aware of what Epilepsy can bring. A day where the entire world comes together to share their own stories and to educate the public what Epilepsy is and what it means to them. The morale of the story is to be proud of who you are and to see how far you’ve come. Everyone copes with their condition differently. Each to their own. Always remember you’re never alone.

As for the choccie eggs. Easter’s gonna be a very long festive period that may take the dampener off the cold weather however I’m determined to leave the eggs a little longer than planned and make the most of what Easter has to offer.


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