Opinions are allowed.

This week like all others has been a culmination of ups, downs and in betweens.

The start of this week made me question my capability to reduce my medication. Towards the latter part of the week I was sitting there questioning my father about the person I was becoming. Overall a lot of unnecessary analysing had taken place that has made me laugh, cry and dawdle.

A quote that has recently popped up on my phone summarises how I’ve felt about me.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be”- Douglas Adams.

Life isn’t a bed a roses in fact sometimes it smells a tad off and makes us wonder how on earth we are gonna get rid of the smell. Balls are thrown that we are expected to catch and decisions are made that can frame our entire lives. I thought of the same thing whilst taking my medication this morning.

I looked at my concoction of tablets and decided that instead of frowning at the tablets that left me demotivated I would look at them and realise that these tablets are actually keeping my Epilepsy on a relatively even keel. Without my medication I would be convulsing every five minutes and questioning how I could make them stop.

Medication like everything else in our lives has a side effect. Whatever action we do causes a reaction either within our bodies or with something else. The action in my life is that I’ve worried about my future too many times and wanted so badly to change the wrong doings I had created. Examples to name a few include erasing my anxiety and not giving a damn about what other’s think. The reaction being was that in doing so it was making me miserable and tired hence writing yesterday’s post about questioning.

Purple day is approaching and I am eager to see how everyone else celebrates purple day. Me I may opt for a bright purple top because my hands are too shaky to recreate the nail art I’d seen online. Big smiles all around because it’s Purple day. It’s our day.

Question for you all? Why do we all wake up so bloody early on a weekend? Some people tend to children, others tend to pets however the two days where I should be lying in after a long week at work my body wants me up and out. Is it because my body knows I only have two days off to make the most of my weekend or is it so used to waking up at 5am that it knows no other?
Routine that’s what my body’s used to. Sod the routine I wanna snooze not watch Jezza Kyle USA at 5am on a Sunday morning.

Anyhow the intention was to get up, eat healthy and exercise. And so I did that, I started as I meant to go on.

The day went off to a flying start. The weather has been absolutely rubbish these past few days. We haven’t had any real snow however our neighbours both north and south of us have experienced the worst of it. I sympathise with you all. Shortly after I’d written yesterday’s post I wolfed down a takeaway chicken kiev pizza which although tasted rather nice left a greasy filming at the roof of my mouth and made my breath smell of garlic for the remainder of the evening.

It’s March for crying out loud where’s spring gone? Oh I forgot it’s gonna bypass the UK altogether.

This time last year we had a mini heatwave with the sun cracking the pavements and everyone walking around looking like lobsters for a week. This time around we are sitting freezing our tits off with scarves on, polo necks pulled right up to our faces and wellies on to prevent the snow/rain coming into our already sodden feet. Overall it’s pretty grim. I just hope sometime soon we can all smile without being blown over by the wind or grabbing a drink and sitting outside without the worry of being pelted by an unexpected snow blizzard.

Before putting my new founded culinary powers into practise I decided to go onto twitter and see how everyone’s weekend’s were panning out. I unfortunately got rather opinionated when I saw the amount of tweets sitting on my timeline about the government and the changes being introduced. I’m a person who tries her best to be calm and dignified when the economy’s involved however today I couldn’t help but voice my opinion. I apologised immediately after my little power rant however felt that what I had to say was required in order for me to carry on my day.

After chatting with pals I’ve accepted the fact that everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

When the budget was announced it effected the entire country. Like everywhere else in the world new rulings are being introduced into our culture. Our belts are getting tighter and households are feeling the pinch now more than ever. Our country like every other is no different.

The two world wars happened before I was a twinkle in my parents’ eye. The first one in 1914 exactly 71 years before I was born. The second in 1939.

My family have given me an insight as to what times were like in wartime Britain and if I had to endure what they endured then I would be a bag of nerves. Times were hard then. Nowadays it’s hard but not a patch on what it was then. At least people were civil to one another, were united in overcoming the enemies and had to cope whatever circumstance was thrown their way. It was a matter of life or death. Literally. Nowadays I get the impression that some people take what we have in this country for granted. There’s not the same spirit anymore. The last time I saw it was when the Olympics was on.

I’m proud to say I’m British. Our history is astronomical and like no other. We have a monarchy and get the occasional day off to celebrate a royal wedding. We have an army that do us proud and we have some of the best schools in Europe let alone the UK. The men that fought for this country in both world wars along with the wars thereafter represent our fighting spirit, represent our country and fight for what they believe in. If my great uncles (who died in WW2) were here today part of them would wonder what they were fighting for.

Recently like many other individuals watched the budget before voicing my opinion to my nearest and dearest particularly my gran who said she’s still paying tax 65 years on. Unless you are a billionaire where money’s no option then you will be effected by what’s happening in the country. I like many other disabled people work and pay my taxes, I’m not on the best wage however have made sacrifices throughout my life to not only benefit my condition but to benefit my future.

Although my condition can restrict my knowledge and physical ability I made it a priority to get a job at an early age, work full time and from the age of 20 save what little money I had to enable me to move on with my future. I tried to prove to myself that with a disability I could like everyone else out there be able to live a life as normal as possible. My parents allowed me to take that control.

I sympathise with those who struggle financially or who are incapacitated. My heart goes out to them however you have to make the best with what you have. Wallowing in self pity gets you nowhere. I’ve done it myself and it wasn’t pleasant. We are extremely lucky to live in a country where our healthcare is paid for. We are extremely lucky to be able to go to someone and receive some form of support whether it be medically, financially or anything else. Other country’s don’t even have that. You just have to watch the latest comic relief to witness that.

What is apparent is that the media latch onto anything they can get their hands on to tear strips off the government and who the budget is going to effect the most. No ministers don’t live in our shoes however what it comes back to what is I said earlier. The budget effects everyone. I can’t understand what creating additional upheaval will do to benefit anyone. If they want to bring something new in then they will regardless of what we think. If people are in uproar to the extent I’ve read in previous months then leave if it’s so bad.

Life to me shouldn’t be given on a plate, no one owes you a living you owe yourself that living. Unfortunately times are hard for us all however we have to try our utmost to adjust to these plans. We should be focusing on our own families and protecting what’s in our little bubble. Change your life to prevent that bubble being burst. That is the most important thing. We should be united in a positive way. If I have offended anyone with my comments I apologise however must express my feelings the way others have expressed theirs.

Relaxation is key this afternoon because I have a stonking headache and need a snooze. I’ve got my DVD’s on in the background, my husbands helped with the chores and the cat’s snoozing on the rug after being chased by the local magpies taunting him for stealing the bread our neighbour dropped for them outside on her lawn. My arse is well and truly frozen and I have about 100 jumpers on to keep warm. My little portable heater has been on full blast and I foresee my electric bill being through the roof!

To conclude today’s post. You are entitled to an opinion and sometimes your opinion will not mirror someone else’s. The reason being is because everyone’s lives are different. What may upset one may not upset another. Today after consulting my online pals I have noticed that as long as you care for the people you love then everything else is irrelevant.

Sacrifices have to be made in order to get by. Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with a condition. I am now in that position to say that I’m overcoming my worries and appreciating that my bubble is the most important.


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