The joys of work.

Work. The dreaded word that immediately comes into our head first thing Monday morning. That’s why we all say “TGIF” come Friday- Right I’ve got this one… Thank god it’s Friday. Is that right? #notacomputergenius

There is part of me that wishes there was an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. Surely the government should listen to the public and see that we would all be grateful for a three day weekend. Howay Prime Minister make it happen. Doubt that’s ever going to happen in my life time so best dream.

On the subject of dreams I had the most vivid dream last night. A deja vu moment actually happened as I’m almost certain I’ve had this dream before. I was walking along a beach not too far from where I lived when all of a sudden a gigantic tidal wave came from nowhere. I had two options.

I could make the decision of running as fast as my little legs would carry me or I could opt for taking a detour grabbing my ham sandwiches and running in the opposite direction into the wave. Why on earth would anyone do that? Not only would I be dead in a jiffy but my ham sandwich would be drenched. How absurd is that? Was I combining my lack of weekend rest with my insanely bad eating habits? God only knows. It’s probably a mixture of my medication and lack of sleep talking. I woke up completely oblivious as to where I was and was laughing so hard when I woke that my sides were hurting.

On a more serious note. Today has been one of those days. I’m shattered, feeling shaky and in urgent need of a pamper day. Steam room, swim, facial, the works.

Mid way though my workload I started dreaming about sitting in a Jacuzzi supping a glass of white wine and watching the world go by. That is definitely the life. It’s safe to say the office where I work is like a bloody greenhouse hot one minute and freezing the next.

Management are convinced it’s a reasonable temperature however I beg to differ. Which person comes in with a vest top on mid March when it’s snowing outside? Only me, mind you I come laced with a cardigan, big coat and a snood just incase the cold gets to me.

As usual this afternoon I made it a priority to read another motivational quote that I will share with you all this evening, that is:

“Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of someone else” – Judy Garland.

How marvellous was Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz? That original version brings back memories. A film where the words there’s no place like home were engrained into our minds and the idea of the yellow brick road being endless made me think where in fact it would ever take me.

The Wizard of Oz was a film I would watch at my Grandmother’s when my parents were called to collect me after a seizure. It was a film (like many others Disney in particular) that I would watch whilst lying under my duvet snuggled in with my teddy bear (that I still have), a tub of Belgian chocolate ice cream and a hot water bottle. It always did the trick.

Watching that film always made me wonder whether I would find the answers to my condition and whether I would be the person one day to experience what it was like to walk down that road, meet the wizard and see whether he would grant me the wish of growing out my Epilepsy. Unfortunately I never met the wizard, walked down the yellow brick road or had my wish granted however managed after twenty years to walk down my own path, come head on with my fears, achieve my own mini goals and develop a craving of ice cream along the way.

Tomorrow I am off to see my gran who shall reminisce with me over my childhood along with her own. The discussion of my blog will be discussed to which she is very proud and has always longed for me to release my thoughts in writing to aid my recovery, more importantly I decided to write this blog to help others something I have always wanted to do since I was diagnosed.

When I made the rash decision to write this blog I was deeply concerned that no one would appreciate it or understand the way I write. If I can help one person then my mission is accomplished.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Jessica from the worldwide site Living with Epilepsy. I submitted my story to Jessica who has since put a brief description of my story on her website for others to relate to. Along with that was my web address for Sazzle’s blog. Gosh I felt famous!

When I saw me on her website I was very touched so thanks Jessica for that. I cannot express my gratitude to her for putting me out there and recognising that our condition must be addressed. For all those who want to seek a little advice about Epilepsy and other people’s stories then please click on her website, definitely worth a read.

I love nothing more than to socialising with new people and learning something new everyday. I like to be surprised and thoroughly enjoy chatting with you all.

Today was about keeping my chin up even though I wanted to fall asleep at my desk. I managed mid way though the day to get a little motivation and kept on track with this healthy eating malarkey. Usually I’m up for my five fruit and veg however recently got myself in a right rut particularly when sugar’s involved.

Monday nights equal In law nights where my husband, I and the remaining in laws get together for a catch-up and a meal all courtesy of my mother in law. My mother in law is not only a fabulous person who mothers us immensely however serves up a cracking Monday feast. She usually serves us all with a chicken dinner (chicken wrapped in bacon, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings) before placing a sweet treat in front of our eyes. The night is rounded off nicely with a couple of mugs of tea and a handful of shortbread biscuits each. Mmmm…

Usually I’m the first to devour the entire contents and be the first to finish however this evening I refrained from the Yorkshire puddings and banoffee pie for some water instead. When I’m starving it’s safe to say that I could gladly eat my own fingers and toes however that would be rather revolting. This evening I was one of the last ones to finish and actually felt full for a change.

Today I managed to get a little exercise in before writing this evening’s post and attempt to get into an exercise routine like I once had prior to last month. I have stayed away from sugary snacks, only opted for three hot drinks (two coffee, one tea) whilst working and have stayed away from temptation.

If I keep this up then I’m well on a roll to feeling better in my straight jeans and will lead a happier healthier lifestyle.

To conclude this post for this evening. Work. It’s a right bugger however keeps us sane from time to time. Remember It’s what you put in you get out of it. Whatever life holds for you remember if you’ve tried your best that’s all anyone can ask. Keep smiling and keep motivated.


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