Paddy Power!

Before I start writing this weekend’s blog post I would like to wish everyone (particularly my Irish followers) a Happy St Patrick’s day. Hope the Guinness is flowing and the celebrations are in full swing. I had a swift pint of Guinness last night and it went down a treat. Enjoy the day and have a drink on me!

Thank you to people who have tweeted me since I started Sazzle’s blog with a #FF. I’m not down with the kids and haven’t the foggiest what it means however thank you all so much. It’s nice to know I’m loved lol- now I know what that means. Love you all. xx

Right ok best crack on.

This weekend has been a busy one. Unfortunately I had to go to work this weekend because overtime was available. I was told on Friday morning to be precise. I hadn’t factored in overtime into my busy weekend however had to cancel other things to earn some pennies. Bills must be paid and considering we haven’t had overtime in over 4 years I thought it would be best to work it.

I couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth so snapped their hands off to earn a little money. Earning a little extra cash was too good to miss; plus the motive is that I have seen a gorgeous little coral blazer I have my eye on so that’s my money spent before I’ve even got it! Don’t we all do that plan how we are going to spend our cash before we’ve even got it? If none of you agree with me then I must be an exception!

It appears overtime may have been my pitfall this weekend because my eating regime went right out the window

I was gluttonous all day yesterday and I’m not even on my women’s monthlies. Everything I looked at I ended up eating. From Friday night I have eaten the following to name a few:

Mcdonalds, a steak dinner, a large chicken dinner, two large sausage casserole meals, Yorkshire puddings, a bowl of rice pudding, two chocolate puddings with custard, and that’s not counting the copious amounts of sweet drinks and alcohol. I feel bloated and tired. I can hear the ice cream van sounding the match of the day tune as I type. Why the heck does he come when it’s cold man? Mind you I still have the urge to grab my purse and go and get a 99 sandwich with chocolate wafers however will resist the temptation.

The motivation has gone and I hadn’t pencilled in any exercise until later this afternoon before I prepare myself for yet another long week at work.

Damn you coral jacket you will look so beautiful on the peg however you have messed with my eating habits. Nope I am not going to blame the jacket it’s all my fault therefore I WILL have to jump back on that horse and go hell for leather with my exercise and my healthy eating. I intend to not beat myself up. Thank god for all my pals on twitter that are dropping some tasty slimming world meals onto my twitter timeline along with my usual twitter pals for their words of encouragement and support. I intend to try making every one when I get some time.

So I’ve had a blip, tomorrow is a new day. The post it notes are out and marked all over the house with motivational quotes to keep me on track. The cats trying to grab every one and use it as a toy to play with. Combine the notes with a picture of that new blazer and a pair of jeans I’ve eyed up should hopefully be enough to keep me going. If all else fails I will have to smother food with cat’s piss so I don’t go near anything.

Anyhow let’s report about a few topics I have been thinking about whilst working this weekend.

One word to describe my weekend. Lethargic. I’ve had headaches all weekend and had a shaky bout this morning before going to work. I think it’s my usual shaky bouts merged with the junk food I’ve eaten. Unlike previous instances I was less nervous however wasn’t ill enough to decline work. I ensured I drank water throughout and had a healthy meal of chicken and vegetables on my return.

Before cooking lunch I was browsing on twitter and stumbled across the saying.

“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips”- Proverbs 24:26

What a lovely quote and very true to form. My question for you all today. Is honesty the best policy? Some may disagree me I think that over time I could have argued that being honest with myself was allowing anger and worry to enter my life something until recently I wasn’t prepared to face. The more I say the word honesty the more I acknowledge that honesty is the best policy. Failure to be honest with yourself can cause a lifetime of misery and hurt. You can in effect lose respect for yourself and that’s one category I no longer want to put myself under.

Someone close to me the other day had the misfortune of hearing someone on the street name calling someone with Epilepsy and it made them think about what they endured to warrant a comment like that. Were they the ones who were struggling to come to terms with their condition or was it their duty to make someone else’s life a misery to disguise their own insecurity? Whatever the outcome is no one should ever have to hear that.

It’s a cruel world we life in that at times can rear it’s ugly face. People may disagree with me on this one but I have noticed more people refuse to accept responsibility for themselves and respect others the way my grandparents respected their parents. If you want respect then you must earn it. People are quick to pass the buck and rarely acknowledge their faults. They aren’t bothered about who they shit on as long as they come out smelling of roses at the end of it.

I find with people at present that It’s all self and I find that extremely sad. I was never brought up that way so have never been able to sympathise with that way of thinking. Yes it’s important to put yourself first when it comes to holding a job and raising your self esteem however people who are disrespectful I cannot tolerate. Usually we have the pleasure of sharing the niceties in life with people however when you stumble across someone like that then it makes you wonder.

I’ve said this on many occasion in my blog however ignorance is bliss. It takes nothing to be courteous.

Reality is a product of dreams, decisions and actions. Your body is your most price possession therefore you must take care of it and realise that whatever you’re going through at this moment in time you will come out of it victorious in the end. We cannot alter our condition however we can make it easier by finding time for us.

Food can be altered to make you feel better, exercise can be tailored to accommodate your lifestyle and relaxation is essential for a positive mind.

Whatever category you fall in always remember only you can do it and if like me you want to succeed then you will. It may take that little longer than others however who cares? At least you know you can walk with your head held high and say you’re happy with what you’ve achieved. Whatever happens as long as you have respect for yourself and the people around you love you for you then everything else is irrelevant.


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