Keep me motivated!

Everything you will ever need to accomplish, any goal that you will ever set is waiting patiently inside of you. The problem being is how the hell do you get off your backside and actually accomplish it?

The word motivation to me is like opening a lucky bag. One day I wake up full of beans ready to start the day. I’m up, organised and raring to go. The day after I’m like a sack of spuds (potatoes) boring, miserable and cannot be bothered to even get out of bed let alone face the day.

Everyone goes through these motions however I have drawn the conclusion that my medication could be partly to blame. I discussed this with my friend and she agreed whole heartedly with me as we are both on the same meds. I have never raised the matter surrounding my medication so thought it would be beneficial to raise it this evening.

Currently I’m on 1250mg of Keppra only. As logged previously in blog posts I’m my own boss when my medication is involved.

The neurologist has given me the opportunity to be my own doctor and alter my medication as and when I see fit. I usually weigh up my options and decide when the time is right to reduce them. I haven’t reduced my medication for over a year now and I’m relatively content with the dosage I’m taking. I have got into the routine of taking 1000mg of a morning before work and 250mg before bed. Great.

I strongly urge anyone reading this (apologies if this sounds patronising) however DO NOT alter your medication without consent from your doctor. I have been seizure free for four years therefore have been given the go ahead to do this.

Only downside is I suffer from headaches and they don’t half get me down. Nevermind, it’s probably dehydration. Doctors along with research have said in the past drinking too much caffeine and not enough water can result in increased headaches. It’s like a sugar rush you eat chocolate and two hours later you feel like rubbish. It’s what everyone calls the sugar rush, me I call it the sweet tooth dip!

Apart from headaches and the shaky bouts I have written about I feel in myself fit and well, some of the time. There is the matter surrounding whether my medication plays a major role on my motivational spirit. This debate has lingered in my head for as long as I remember. Let’s look at it in more depth and see if you can relate to anything I’m talking about.

Right here we go…

Ever since I was a child I could never carry a task through from beginning to end. I have always been distracted by something whether it be a TV programme or an upcoming event being planned while I’m out with other people or choosing an outfit instead of exercising. You name it I’ve deviated off course and went onto something new. I try my utmost to rectify this problem and address it outright however I never seem to change the way I’m thinking. Ludicrous eh?

I am up and down like a friggin yo yo and that’s no word of a lie.

I have every intention of being good. In my head I have a plan. One minute I’m geared up to do my exercise DVD before topping it off with completed chores and a relaxing bath. No no no… I usually direct myself way off course end up doing half the DVD, eating a large bar of chocolate before then marching upstairs to bed for a two hour afternoon snooze (on weekends). What on earth’s going on? Why does the mind play tricks like that? No chores done.. no exercise done… no nothing. What a waste of a day!

I have written this blog to keep you all motivated and to give that helpful recognition that all will be well when life is concerned. I’m advising people to have positivity in their lives to keep them focused and happy. So why aren’t I taking my own advice? Heaven knows however I better get a move on!!

Since taking medication all I’ve ever felt like is drained and when I say drained I mean mentally and pysically. I think I am in fact believing my own propaganda because I say I’m tired all the time. I literally (for the want of a better expression) cannot be arsed with anything. Do I say this because I am actually tired? Probably not.

I get up on a morning and do my usual morning ritual, shower, medication, makeup, clothes on before I toddle off to work with my husband.

Prior to “toddling off” I end up doing an erray of tasks ranging from checking my hair straighteners are off to tidying up as I’m leaving the house. Before I know it I’ve tripped over the cat and am full of hell because I’m now running 15 minutes late. I then top it all off by wolfing down a bar of chocolate at 8am before then whinging that I’m gonna eat healthy for the rest of the day. Crazy stuff!

What the hell’s the matter with me? I get to work, headaches start, have a cup (or three) of tea before I even get the motivation to look at a piece of work and digest what I’m writing. I don’t know what it is however I have this impression that if I was maybe to come off medication entirely that my way of thinking would change overnight. Obviously I intend to NOT come off my medication however it does make me wonder.

What is it that drives the mind to think this way? Why don’t we get that fire in our tummies and just motivate ourselves to get up and enjoy the day? It amuses me how one minute I’m motivated, eating healthily and eager to achieve my daily goals however the next minute I just want to go home, lie in front of the fire with a mug of milky coffee and doze off.

Ever since I made the decision to write this blog I have met inspirational people who whether it be through the art of exercise, diet, motivational words or general chat have given me drive to succeed. I’m grateful for all the feedback they have given and the words of wisdom they offer. They have given me some of the best tips a woman can have. Condition or no condition they truly have passed on their knowledge to keep me going. I admire you all so thank you.

Just the simplest things like checking portion size, keeping a food diary, exercising regularly and having enough sleep are important rules to abide by. Their words have inspired me to show them along with myself that I can be motivated because they motivate me. In fact we can all motivate each other through any scenario.

When hearing that a twitter friend has achieved their own personal goal gives me the oomph I need to achieve mine. My goals are to be fit, healthy, seizure free and free spirited I guess.

Today whilst on my dinner hour I browsed the internet and ended up going on to a UK based Epilepsy site. I identified immediately that anti -epileptic medication can in fact dampen your mood. It can make you feel lack lustre and a tad depressed on occasion. Now I’m not saying that this is the case with all medication types however it did make me analyse further.

Is this frame of mind solely down to my medication or is it my excuse for not getting off my tush and motivating myself? Now ask yourself that question. Is it genes that play a part? The medication? Have you had a strenuous day and this has an impact on your mood? What could it possibly be?

Let’s put it this way although accepting that I have Epilepsy has given me a new lease of life I need to find that happy medium in which I can merge the positivity I now have about my condition and plough this into my motivational regime. I’m now in control (on the basis the seizures/shakes look after themselves) therefore have no excuse to not wanna help myself. So why not. Let’s get a move on!

Let’s get up and go, get on with it and have a laugh in the process. No one likes going out of their comfort zone however think how proud of yourself you’ll be knowing you are living a healthier life, a more active life and more importantly a happier one.


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