Pregnancy & Epilepsy. Where do I go from here?

“A woman is like a tea bag: you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” – Nancy Reagan.

That’s exactly what women are like. We are the multi taskers, we bare the children and are usually the people that make a house a home. Strength is required when we have a condition such as Epilepsy. It’s crucial to aid the healing process.

Usually women are labelled as “nagging” and being “over protective”. Aye damn right I don’t mind being called that on the basis I’m getting the job done. I try to be organised irrespective of the task going pear shaped from time to time.

I would like your feedback, I want you to help answer my questions and give me a little advice about the subject I’m documenting today. This post is about us combining our knowledge, so if you have experienced the above then by all means tweet me/message me about your experiences and how you managed to overcome this matter.

When I was younger all I ever did was land myself in hot water however which person doesn’t? It’s human to do so, otherwise how do people learn?

Whilst I was away I started thinking about life before I was diagnosed and life prior to therapy? What is the difference between the two? You know what I can’t really remember; all I’ve ever known is having this condition. I can only presume that my life was carefree before I was diagnosed however the more I contemplate what actually happened the more I wonder whether life was any different.

Since I made the decision to see a therapist life has changed considerably. I’m starting to think clearly and accept that whatever life throws at you have to face it head on and make the decisions as and when they required. It’s an asset to be able to laugh at yourself. I usually make a right tool of myself on a regular basis however when the situation arises I don’t become all defensive like I once was. I just laugh at myself and accept that everyone has faults. It’s usually those stupid comments that people learn to love about you. It can actually add to your personality and attract people to you.

During the course of this weekend the topic of children was mentioned. It seems to crop up every so often. I’m at a prime age to have children. I’m 28 this year and I’m not getting any younger. Times are changing and people are having children late on in life. My husband and I are at an age where we have done everything else together. Having a family for us is the next step forward. Making the decision to put my health at risk for a child is something I have tried to deviate from for quite a while now.

Me as a mother, can I really see that? Is that mapped out for my future? I want to be a mother and pass onto my children the lessons I learned. At present I’m a woman undecided. I have addressed the usual issues such as financial worries, juggling my working hours and pondering whether I will ever be a “good mother” however with me the difference being is that can I be a good mother who has epilepsy? The simple answer is of course I can however how can I train my mind to think the way my heart does?

When I was 21 a discussion took place between my epilepsy nurse and I about motherhood. There would be the possibility that I would have to come off medication entirely to which me and my unborn baby’s life would be at the mercy of my condition for nine months.

Could I allow that worry to take over once more? I sure as hell didn’t want that. I would be wrong to say it never put me off. I actually thought that following that discussion that I’d never be a mam. I would never have that opportunity.

Three years later I had a further appointment with neurology. A glimmer of hope was in sight. Tests had been carried out on Keppra and I was given the news that I would be able to continue taking my medication whilst pregnant. My neurologist continued to explain that over 90% of mothers manage to conceive and carry full term whilst on the dosage I was on. To hear that news was a relief. It made me see that my condition didn’t prevent me from making that all important decision.I now intend to move forward and be a mother.

I’m no psychic and cannot see what my future holds. Do I really want to?

I would however want to know if there’s anyone out there who is epileptic who has managed to conceive and have children normally without the excessive worry? Are my feelings normal? Are you treat as a high risk case and therefore have to be monitored more? What happens if you have a seizure whilst delivering? I understand that having a child is a blessing however this doesn’t prevent me thinking this way.

I will seek additional help from the medical profession about this subject however thought I would seek advice from the people who live with the condition and who have to make decisions like this on a regular basis.

What advice would you give? Was any adjustments made for you when you were pregnant? How did you approach this situation?


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