A special thank you.

Before I am prepared to take this blog any further I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who have given up their time to read and continue to follow Sazzle’s blog.

Two months ago I made the decision that at 27 years old I would document my findings to others who were prepared to listen.

I have always been a lover of raising awareness when Epilepsy is involved and personally speaking I don’t think Epilepsy is raised enough to the general public. A great deal of people don’t understand. For the online awareness groups and support groups across the world my hat goes off to you all. You do a magnificent job to keep us all on the straight and narrow. No question is silly to you guys and you really are a god send to us all.

I feel some people don’t actually appreciate what an Epileptic has to go through and how they have to alter their life to a degree to accommodate their condition. To be brutally honest I was in second minds about writing this blog as I had a fear that my story wouldn’t come across in the right context. I was wrong on that one.

Epilepsy isn’t an illness it’s a condition.

Epilepsy can restrict you from doing certain things in your life such as driving and being able to keep a job as the episodes can take over. I am fortunate in the respect that my seizures are sporadic and as a result I’m now in a position to work full time and live a relatively normal life. I try my utmost to remain upbeat at all times and are currently in a place where if an episode happens it happens there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing you can do about it so best carry on as usual.

As an adolescent I thought there would never be any real positivity in my life as I allowed worry to take over.

I frowned upon my condition and would whinge constantly. Combine whinging about my condition with the usual hormonal spats a teenager can have and you have a concoction for disaster. I couldn’t be fussed with all the specialist appointments, the worries and the upheaval. I wanted to be like everyone else and it took a long time to accept what I was diagnosed with. For crying out loud I would drive myself crazy at times so god knows what my family were thinking!

Looking back it’s understandable to be at war with yourself over a condition you cannot control. Epilepsy can effect you and can make you feel low however you need to try and rise above it and lead a healthy and fulfilling life the best way you can.

From blogs I had the pleasure of reading and people I have recently spoken to about their condition I can sympathise with the fact that their condition prevents them from doing things that even I take for granted. I am in awe of these people as their positivity astounds me and makes me realise that anything is possible. They truly are an inspiration to me and make me see that I am proud that I have what I have.

The world is a very large place and I have been fortunate enough to share my experiences with various people.

I have my usual followers who I tend to speak to on a daily basis that have shown me that there’s so much more to think about than Epilepsy. They have taught me how to eat healthier, gain additional motivation through exercise and one of my friends across the pond has even taught me new words such as nerve plucker and peace out. Their compliments have overwhelmed me; it’s safe to say that I can call them my “twitter friends”. They encourage me to keep going with my blog and have given me the incentive to carry on writing, something I haven’t done since I was a child.

Many are afraid of therapy and look at awareness groups/blogs such as this one to share their own past-times, seizure patterns and medication worries as a way of seeking comfort and gaining knowledge. That is why awareness groups along with blog sharing is so vital in today’s society. Being united by helping parents, children, teens and adults cope with this condition is crucial as without support we have nothing.

Thank you again everyone for your kind words, generosity and support. Let’s keep raising awareness if not for ourselves but for the people we know and love.



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